my cat ate a plastic bag
by devy176, Sep 26, 2008
Hello, I would really appreciate it if you could help me. My cat ate a thin piece of a plastic bag 2 hours ago and  I'm really worried something would happen what should  do please help me ASAP.

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by PrettyKitty1, Sep 26, 2008

Hopefully you'll be able to check this web page. I wouldn't worry too much if the cat has done it just once. Try to be more careful where you put plastic bags; and block all access.  If you see blood in the stool then take him to the vet. Make sure your kitty goes and make sure you can see stool in the box as these things can cause blockage. Cats eat weird stuff. We just have to prevent it from becoming a habit. Keep an eye on him. You can all the vet to ask what you should do but they'll most likely tell you to take the cat over to them just so they can tell you the cat is fine, and still charge you.  I've had cats eat the unimaginable. I just hide whatever they're not supposed to eat. Don't do anything else. Don't even know if there's anything we can do other than hiding the bag and watch the cat's symptoms.
by devy176, Sep 26, 2008
Thanks a lot for your comment .He looks really normal eating and drinking and all .He is sleeping now but  I'll keep a eye on him .
by kathyjo, Sep 26, 2008
One of my cats ate the string attached to a hellium baloon and it wasn't until it was protruding out of her rear that I saw it. I pulled and pulled and discovered that it was nearly 5 ft. long! 2 boys that I babysat for thought that was the best trick they had ever seen and made sure to tell the story often.
Kathy Jo
by CatShapedHeart3, Sep 26, 2008
Penpen ate bags or atleats sucked on them until they ripped and such LOL

I never knew why...but when we'd come home from walmart she'd be so get the bags :D
by zodiacqueenBlank, Sep 27, 2008
The worst that could happen is that the bad could get trapped in his stomach or intestinal tract.  Which could possibly cause an intestinal blockage or if it's trapped in his stomach, he won't be able to eat.  You'll notice symptoms in 2 days.  OR if you don't want to wait, I'd take him to the vet and they'll probably do an x-ray(the bag will show up).  Personally,  I'd do the x-rays, if you wait it might be too late.  X-rays are very inexpensive and worth it for peace of mind.