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prevention of CRF in cat
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prevention of CRF in cat

Is there anybody,but anybody who can say the NAME of the BRAND OF FOOD which sells quality,LOW phosphorus DRY CAT food as well?Simple as that!Just the NAME of the brand please!
Or noone ever actually have heard the name of such food?
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ALL commercial pet foods are simply junk!  They cause kidney disease, thyroid disorders, diabetes, and increase the risk of cancer.

There's lots of evidence on-line to back this up!

Here's one:
You wanna know what the problem is? The problem is they claim to be low in this and high in that. Should you believe what you're reading on the label? NOP, especially if it is a cheap food. ZQ is right on the money. Commercial foods are the cause of digestive and other problems in cats. You give your cat what it will not have problems with vet bills. I would feel absolutely horrible listing foods that are low in Phosphorus as I don't know which one's telling the truth. What I went through with my cat just recently made me realize how serious everyone should take the fact that cats are obligated carnivores and don't require grains in their food (dry food). You wish to feed foods low in phosphorus? Switch your cat to a more natural diet, raw or cooked meat, chicken, chicken liver, heart, fish and vitamins and minerals. You can buy vitamins online and you can even request a supplement that's low in phosphorus, rich in taurine and omega 3.

Good Luck.
Royal Canin Renal Special (RSF 26) - special means extra-taste, that was the favourite of my cats (when they existed) and of my cat that is still alive but who is not eating anymore, but she ated it long and enjoyed it.

If you ever start renal food, you can't stop it (NEVER go back to normal food again even if everyone says it's better for his/her health because the kidney will be adapted to low protein and will be saturated with high protein !), but you must give more renal food then the quantity they used to eat because, you can't see it by yourself, but they eat less when they are sick or their organism transform less the food into muscle. So the more they eat kidney food, the better they are. It isn't the same for normal food.

Mine is eating K/D canned, but it's better rather then forcing the cat to switch to wet if they don't like, to allow them to eat as much as they want - even if they are overweight - of renal food.

Because even an overweight cat will loose in a few months several Kgs, keep in mind that renal or kidney or K/D is extra-light. And don't worry about the kilograms. So kidney food must always be available.

And always keep a dish of kidney food available without no medicine or alternative medicine on it. If it doesn't want to eat the medicine put in your CAT's MIND that the medicine is bad but it'll go into syringue with water and no nail. And FOOD is good even if it is for kidney, and it doesn't TASTE like the bad medicine. So that he/she will keep eating by him/herself.
Hello again, I'm not good in maths, but there are some calculus you can do to be able to give to your cat K/D or other renal food mixed with normal (or other specific food).

The aim is: the cat mustn't loose weight.

You give to your cat:
a) 40g or 40ml a day
b) 60g or 60ml a day
c) 100g a day
d) 156g a day

This value is E.

Now for K/D values:
For a 3,5kg cat, 1 can and 1/4 = 156g + 39g = 195g
For a 4kg cat, 1 can and 1/2 = 156 + 78 = 234g

K/D label: proteins8,4 fat7,9 carboh11  fibre0,7 Pho0,1   Ca0,18 K0,3    Na0,09 tau0,11

So your cat is allowed to eat:

For a 3,5kg cat, 100 - (E/195 * 100) = A%
For a 4kg cat, 100 - (E/234 * 100) = A%

proteins = (8,4xA)/100 + 8,4 = ?
fat = (7,9xA)/100 + 7,9 = ?
carbohydrates = (11xA)/100 + 11 = ?
phosphorus Pho = (0,1xA)/100 + 0,1 = ?
fibre = (0,7xA)/100 + 0,7 = ?
calcium Ca = (0,18xA)/100 + 0,18 = ?
potassium K = (0,3xA)/100 + 0,3 = ?
sodium Na = (0,09xA)/100 + 0,09 = ?
taurine Tau = (0,11xA)/100 + 0,11 = ?

Suppose that E = 60g
For a 3,5kg cat, 100 - (E/195 * 100) = A%
So 100 - (60/195 * 100) = 100 - 30,77 = 69,23%
So max proteins = (8,4xA)/100 + 8,4 = 14,21%

Suppose that E = 100g
For a 3,5kg cat, 100 - (E/195 * 100) = A%
So 100 - (100/195 * 100) = 100 - 51,28 = 48,72%
So max proteins = (8,4xA)/100 + 8,4 = 12,49%

And there, you can give other food to your cat along with its renal food if he/she eats less than supposed, but there must be LIMITS to proteins and phosphorus intake in CRF cats.

I also recommend to give your cats probiotics, one that contains Kibow Biotics, without Kibow Biotics trademark (lower price), may it be pet or human (watch the allergen and sugar additives, FOS is OK), ie: thermophillus, acidophilus + longum bacterias.
You can find all prices from Azodyl to (Mercola, Probiavi,...)  to human probiotics.
But give only 0,8mg not 2mg.

And to give RENALZIN as phosphate binder because it contains Lanthanum carbonate, already tested on humans with CRF.
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