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Hi..my 15 yr old daughter is being tested for Celiac.

Up until about 6 months ago, she was a fine teenager, healthy, didnt eat the best, but no medical problems.

She started itching uncontrollably, legs, arms the whole bit..we thought it was scabies, so she was treated as such, and most of the itching went away.

Then she started having severe diarrhea, lost 8 pounds, no appetite, getting up in the middle of the night to have a bm, the whole nine yards. This is taking an immense toll on her. She has lost her appetite and her stomach is always rumbling. Gas, foul bm's.

She has a few hemorrhoids, one internal, which cause her to bleed alot when having a bm, this caused great alarm so I took her to her dctr and had us do stool samples for various bact infections. All negative.

She just had to celiac bloodwork done and we are waiting for the results.
Yesterday, she showed me a blister like growth on her bum, and two on her inside right thigh that are itchy.
She said the one on her butt is pus like if scratched.

Im wondering if all that itching from a few months ago, was actually dermatitis herpetiformis?

Any ideas here? Any guidance would be appreciated. Guess Im just looking for support.
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She could definitely have Celiac which on the positive side symptoms are easily controlled with a gluten free diet.  Please be careful about just doing the blood tests because many times you can have false positives as well as false negatives.  My sister's blood tests came back negative for Celiac and then years later after she had developed Lupus, thyroid disease etc....they performed a biopsy (which i not as scary as it sounds) and then the diagnosis of Celiac Disease was found to be the underlying issue for all of the other things she developed.  The only way to truely diagnose Celiac is by a biopsy which they do use a general anesthetic but it takes now time at all and your out in a few hours.  It is the only way to find out as well as the severity.  I would strongly recommend advocating for the biopsy since through my sister and myself who have both been diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2 different states have had to deal with many doctors that know very little regarding Celiac and unfortunately give out wrong information.

Good Luck!
Also, if your daughter does have Celiac you as well as the dad would need to get the biopsy also since it is genetic!
Thank you for your advice. Took my daughter to the ER today, due to the weight loss, and all of the above, and the fact she is in joint pain..her left hip is numb and swollen.
The NP at the ER was of NO help. My daughter looks like a skeleton, and shipped her off, with a diagnosis
of diarrhea..uh, duh, no kidding, she has diarrhea! She's only lost 12 pounds in less than 2 months.
The blood tests from the ER and GI's office produced negative results for Celiacs...so, she will go back to the GI on Thursday, and we can set up appts then.

This is so discouraging. We are starting her on a gluten diet now.
My heart is breaking because she is suffering.

I wonder why her hip is numb?
I also wonder why some Celiacs tests come back negative? Is there a reason?
Thanks for the support. Definitely need it!
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