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Does this sound like celiac? seronegative
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Does this sound like celiac? seronegative

I have had a couple of procedures over the past year or so. My GI doc is sort of old school

. I orignally had a endoscopy because of gerd symtoms (symptoms) (symptoms). The first bx was positive for celiac and EOE. Doctor did celiac panel negative. The only numbers that were off were low vit D and low iron. So he gave me meds for gerd and EOE and sent me on my way.Well I was still having bloating and constapation isssues so a colonoscopy we did. That looked comeplete normal. But he said the bx were microscopic colitits. I dont think thats what the pathology says. So I was given another med and sent on my way. It didnt work. So another endo and it didnt come back as celiac this time but still EOE. So he said it was ibs and EOE and was told to manage it. Well that was nov 10' flash forward to nov 11 and the same issues where still happening. (constipation, bloating, gross smelling flatuence and stools, muscusy stools, and intermitten diarhhea like once a week). So another endo we went in nov 11 and again this time positive for celiac EOE. So the doc said well maybe it is celaic try gluten free. He did a blood test again neg for celiac but again low iron. I have been trying to do gluten free but i think i keep get glutened some how. I almost dont feel any better and its been 2 months. I think it may be time for another colonscopy but I am in nursing school

and can not do one until july. I sometimes wonder if maybe it is chrons i have. Any input would be greatly appricated!


biopsies: Duodenal

mucosa with villous blunting and numerous intraepithelial lymphocytes.


Biopsies: Mild to moderate chronic gastritis.

Esophageal biopsies: Eosinophilic esophagitis.

12/22/10 Colon
Terminal ileum biopsies: No diagnostic abnormalities recognized.

Random colon biopsies: Mild acute and chronic colitis with focal cryptitis.

Duodenal Biopsies: Focal Brunner's gland hyperplasia and mild chronic duodenitis.

Esophageal biospies: Esophageal squamous mucosa with subacute and chronic inflammation.

Duodenal Biospies: Fragments of duodenal mucosa with areas of villous blunting, intraepithelial lymphocytes, along with actue and chronic duodenitis.

Gastric biopsies: Fragments of gastric fundic and antral mucosa with chronic inflammation along with areas of regenerative/reactive glandular atypia.

Esophageal biopsies: Fragments of esophageal squamous mucosa with basal layer hyperplasia and slight subacute and moderate chronic inflammation. .
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