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Having some strange bowel issues and mental fog- candidas, bacteria, vi...
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Having some strange bowel issues and mental fog- candidas, bacteria, virus?

Hi everyone,

20 year old, fit male who up until a month and a half ago was generally healthy.
I had a typical cold (head-ache, cough, phlegm) which I was just beginning to recover from, but then had 3 nights in a different city with very heavy drinking and partying.

A day or two after this weekend I had a bout of diarrhea for 24 hours, and for the next week and a half was producing green stool, thin stool and broken stool. Along with this grumbling stomach I was very fatigued and 'brain-fogged'. After this week and a half I appeared to return to normal, however still a little bit foggy for 2 weeks.

A week and a half ago, 2 nights after some casual drinking, I had another bout of diarrhea for 24 hours and have now followed the same pattern for a 11 days of strange bowel movements and general fatigue and disconnectedness mentally.

I believe the mental disconnection is due to the bowel issues... could this be possible?

Has anyone experienced something similar? Is it possible I have a viral infection that has just come back twice? What could possibly last for 12 or so days at a time? Parasite?

Stool sample came back clear.

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A virus can't be ruled out, but you seem to think it more.  I'd have a good a good food allergist check you for intolerances.
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You didn't say what it was you drank.  You may possibly have become allergic to whatever alcoholic drink you indulged in.  Beer has so many ingredients - and other alcoholic drinks contain grains - allergies can happen over night.  And yes, diarrhea can cause some confusion - but so can parasites.  You may have picked up something in the water in a strange city.  Try changing to filtered or bottled water for a while also.  You may want to detox your liver as well.  
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