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Im in Pain, Can anyone Help Please ?
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Im in Pain, Can anyone Help Please ?

The past month and weeks have been agonising for me.I thought i was going to die and was constantly praying for God to look after my twins when i die. It was an its still serious in my case.

I have been having some strange pains especially in my neck, back,severe shoulder pains,numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, muscle spasm, the list is endless.my joint make clicking noise when i stretch.
my stomach is CONSTANTLY GURGLING that anyone can hear it from a distance with very smelly gas constantly.
I'm heavily constipated that i have to use suppositories before i can empty my bowels,
my periods have changed, i bled in between my period last month which has never happened to me and my menstrual cycle has changed.not the usual 28 days,mine is between 38-40 days intervals.
My cravings for food especially sweet foods is manic these days, which was very unlike me.
Im constantly weeping and Im soooooo depressed especially when Im lying down and these shoulder and severe back pain starts.
sometimes when i sit or stand for like an hour i get severe pains in my lower back and hip area that gradually moves through to my thighs.
Im so depressed now, i don't even know what to do.My skin especially my legs have become so dry.
Im having sores on tongue and mouth, i wake up with pain in one of my back teeth (recently filled because the enamel became so sensitive), i get some sharp pain underneath my jaw which radiates to my ears and beneath my rib cage.i forget things easily and i had some night sweats and occasional headaches.I also itch badly and become nauseous when i walk in the cold for about 10-15 minutes.
I just cannot figure out whats wrong with me. I went to my Doctor and all she said was that its stress but all these symptoms are still persisting and i'm in some severe pain right now that I'm typing and i feel like calling the ambulance right now. Is this celiac? My cholesterol levels were diagnosed to be very high last year. I thought i had aids or cancer or some dangerous disease. Im so unhappy that i feel suicidal sometimes.
I was searching for all these symptoms and it led me to this forum.

Does this fit the typical symptoms for Celiac, Chrone's, POTs, IBS or whatever disease is doing this to me?
Please God help me,Im not happy,can someone tell me if they've been in this condition before?

But before this started,my diet changed.Im not a breakfast person,but i started eating a lot of cereal (Muesli) intensely to the extent that i could take a bowl of muesli twice or thrice  a day as well as eating cakes daily.could this have contributed?Im still addicted to muesli and wheetabix. My symptoms are very bad when i'm lying down.

I'm studying for my Masters and i'm supposed to submit my thesis soon but i'm so disturbed that I cannot even concentrate anymore because of this.Please  any suggestions, answers, direction or help will be very much appreciated.
Thanks for the audience.
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Did the doctor run any tests so far?  Since your cycle is going slightly haywire, I would think your hormones are out of balance.  Alot of your symptoms can be caused by a thyroid imbalance.  An out of balance thyroid can cause out of balance hormones.  No one will be able to give you the exact answer.  More information is needed.  Almost anyone who tries the celiac diet (gluten free eating) gets relief from many symptoms.  You can give the diet a try.  If you need help with the diet, leave me a note and I'll get back to you ASAP.  How long ago did you have the twins.  Twins plus Masters equals major stress.  Stress triggers many-a-problem, and many a condition!  So many things can throw one's system out of whack.  If possible, see an endocrinologist (hormone doctor).   He would be the best thing for you now.  Hang in there.  In the meantime, if possible, try to relax (I know I'm asking the impossible), try a healthy diet and make an appt. to see a doctor again.
Thanks for replying.

You correct meniere135, My Doctor suspects the same as you mentioned. Immediately I started listing the symptoms, she jut said it might possibly be thyroid disorder but she also mentioned celiac.
she's(my doctor) ordered for me to go for a thyroid test, celiac screening,lipids test, full blood count(FBC), urea and electrolyte(U&E),liver function test(LFT),Erythrocyte sedimentation rate(ESR),Glucose, Thyroid function test(TFT) and CRP.

she advised that she wants to find out from the test whats going on before doing any ultrasound, MRI, or biopsy.
She wants to address the symptoms one at a time to eliminate any false assumptions of any particular disease.

Im still in pain but i'll give the gluten free diet a try after all the test is done. Im going to try to relax but its very hard especially with my dissertation due soon. The twins(4 years) have travelled with their Dad but im still having a tough time with all these pains especially the shoulder and back pain. Im so losing it.

But thanks for replying.its always good to share opinions on forums like this.Thanks

Glad to hear that something is being done.  Nothing worse than helplessness.  And I received mail from a health site for women, and it mentioned that gluten, for many women, contributes either partially or completely to the thyroid problem in many cases.

Hang in there!  I hope you remember to revisit this site to update us on your condition.

Good luck!
Hi, I know this was a few years ago but was wondering if you ever found out what the problem was as I am experiencing the same symptoms as you and my doctors think I'm nuts and don't seem to be taking me seriously. :(
Hi BOS13580.

Don't worry. I was in the same situation 6 months ago. I made my mind that I will not live for long at the time. With VIT D my life got much better. Due to my active lifestyle, recovery is very fast. Keep taking VIT D, drink lots of milk (if you are lactose tolerant) and be easy on work-out if you do, for a while. Give ur body 3-4 months. You will see a lot of difference. I have gone thru this, Believe me...

DEPRESSION can kill a person with ULCER where HOPE can save the same even from CANCER..
Hoprefor the best..U will feel better..
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