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Mesenteric Lymph Nodes

I was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease last Novemeber and have since been gluten free. On my checkup in January I had an enlarged spleen found during examination. I recently had some blood work done and had an ultrasound of my abdomen to check for an enlarged spleen.

Here are the results of my blood work and Ultrasound:

BLOODWORK (low in red, high in blue)
WBC - 4.0 (ref: 4.0 - 11)
RBC - 4.45 (ref: 4.5-6.5)
Hemoglobin - 133 (ref: 140 -180)
hematocrit - .39 (ref: .40 - .54)hematocrit
Platlets: 182 (ref; 155-400)
MCV: 88.1 (ref: 80-95)
MCH: 30.1 (ref: 27 - 32)
MCHC: 342 (ref: 320-370)
RDW: 11.8 (ref 11.5-14.8)
Absolute Lymphocytes: 0.9 (ref range 1.5 - 4.0)
Absolute Neutrophil: 3.5 (ref: 2.0 - 7.5)
Absolute Baso: 0.0 (ref < .2)
Absolute Mon: 0.6 (ref range 0.2 - 0.8)
Absolute EOS: 0.3 (ref range 0.0 - 0.4)

C02 - 32 (ref range 23-29)
Total Protein: 82 (ref: 65-80)
Albumin: 49 (ref 38-50)
Amylase: 86 (ref: 20 severe)
Slightly prominent non-specific mesenteric lymph nodes in lower right quadrant, which may be reactive.

The doctor who ran the tests asked me to follow up with my family doctor. My GP isn't too concerned since they say non-specific and may be reactive. My only concern is the risk of celiac and small bowel lymphoma. Since these lymph nodes are beside my intestines, should this now draw further investigation?

Any people with experiences or suggestions is appreicated.
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