cough and muscles pain
by emadsamuel, Nov 15, 2013
Dear All,
  I'm Samuel, 28 years old, 90 Kg. I have a problem with my muscles specially in my hands and foots. one month ago, I had a strong cough and I couldn't take my breath at nigh and after I took cough medicine and now I'm 95% recovered from the cough.
the problem of my muscles appeared after I finished the cough medicine and it appears when i carry something heavy in my hands or stand up for long time time with my legs. My hands or legs become red and i feel pain on them and this effects decreased when I put them under warm water for 15 minutes at least.
I went to a doctor an he though that i have a Rheumatism and he asked me to make blood tests. from the internet, i understood that the cough bacteria effects my Blood vessels.
what do you think about my case?