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getting tested for celiac
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getting tested for celiac

i hope i am doing this right , as i am new to all of this, here is my background
around the end of feb (2011)i started to have uncontrollably bad diarrheal symptoms i ended up taking time off work calling in sick even being sent home i was running every 5 min or less my bowels were going into convoltions big time
i ended up getting so  dehydrated that i was sent to the hosp and even passing bowel tissue i had a colonospy (sp) that really did not show anything but by then i was so cleaned out of course they could not find anything lol
i had lots of blood work done now  my bowels still are working over time  depending on what i eat  but im still going up to 10 times a day and its always worse in the am i just had a visit with the sergon who looked after my case in the hosp and he wants me to get checked for celiac so i go to my reg dr and has ordered blood work i am going in tomorrow morning, its going to hurt but i have to eat high gluten foods today so something will show up it makes me so sick to eat gluten oh and lactose makes me run as well,
i also have to wait to have an upper gi done not sure how long that will take but i really dont want to consume gluten or lactose as i am scared im doing more dammage in my intestines that are already sensitive due to the suvere diareah its hard to choose foods to eat when you know they make you sick, i did a trial i went and bought some gluten free foods and had that for supper did not eat anything else after and by morning i was not running to the bathroom and i was feeling pritty good that next day wich was yesterday i ate lots of bread and chocolate and used coffee creamer in my coffee just eating all bad foods just to see how i felt omg i have been in so much pain in my right side under my rib cage just kills, my back is so sore i can not walk im swollen all over muscle cramping all over up and down my back every where  joint pain and 2 days before i went to the hosp i developed this asmatha cough that just wont go away that has increased not sure if that has any thing to do with it or not so the day that i ate gluten free i felt pritty good the day i eat high gluten i feel horrible i hope this test showes i have it so i can continue on with the gluten free diet
now that i think back i relize that the weight gain and the water retention and fatuge and all the other symptoms i have been having may be linked to this gluten ,i have never been able to handle  pasta, beer thoes are jsut a few that i thought of im sure there are many more that im not thinking of at this point

i am glad there is this fourm to discuss this illness
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Some general info: Make sure they do the full panel when they do the blood work. Ask for total IgA; IgA/IgG gliadin, transglutaminase and a gene (allele) test. Many docs will do just the transglutaminase and that's not enough.

If the blood test comes back negative, don't immediately think gluten isn't the problem. Many people don't 'pop' positive on the blood test even if they are celiacs or gluten sensitive.

The upper endoscopy with biopsy is considered the 'gold standard' to diagnose celiac disease, but some don't reveal flattened villi and again, they can be told they're negative.

I hope the tests give you a clear result, but if they don't and you find that going gluten-free and diary-free helps, consider checking out enterolab.com and doing their fecal antibody test, gene test, and dairy test. Many celiacs cross-react to casein, the major protein in dairy - that's also an auto-immune issue as celiac is. So it may not be
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i am hoping that the test will show that i do have it but if i dont i think ill still try non gluten and non lactose diet and if this lifestyle makes me feel better then im all for it regardless of the tests
what is really hard in the mean  time is consumeing the gluten i have stoped all lactose when the diareah started back at the end of feb

i have found out from my aunt that there is celiac in many members of my family on my dad's side and i take after my dad's side in looks build and everything

here is what i see that is checked off for the blood work i have to do in the early morning tommrow (dr is not in office either for the next few days on conference )

thyroid investigation
vit b 12
and under other there is TTG

I have no idea what any of it means mind you but that is what she gave me when i told her the other dr requested testing for celiac

thanks for your advice its greatly appreciated
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TTG is transglutaminase. But make sure the other things I mentioned are also checked for - they're not on this list. The list you have is just a standard blood panel for the most part and will not give you all the information you need.
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so should i call my dr today and ask the receptionist if i can request the list of things you suggested? she is going to ask me where i got this info from, and if i say the internet she will come back saying never trust anything off the net and has many times through out having conversations from her she has detered me from researching anything on the net
this time tho i am surprised that she did not say anything when i said i was checking out celiac and all the symptoms that i have been having are related and that many members of my family have this as well

my husband thinks im trying to convince my self that this is what i have and does not believe i have this, this is so frustrateing im so glad that there is this group where one can come in and have support

just the activity going to get the blood work done was a chore today my back pained so bad i had to limp my guts felt so raw that i had to walk slow im so fatuged that i can barely function, my neck is so stiff and sore i can barely turn my head, i feel like i am retaining fluid
i want the normal bubbly lively fun self not this sick pain filled heavy body i have to lug around

yesterday was a very high gluten diet i consumed 3 chicken sandwiches 1 pb&j sandwich a small pork chop and about a cup of kraft dinner and had 4 pb&j sandwiches

today im going to try gluten and dairy free and see how i feel
so on saying that
where do i start what do i eat i have not eaten anything yet just a cup of coffee
i really would like to eat non gluten today i have to get grocries tomorrow what are the stapels i should have in the cubbords
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Be sure to get your actual results (especially for thyroid) the labs say TSH is in rage with 0.4-5.0 but I was diagnosed with a hypothyroid with a TSH 2.35. I have a great doctor because she has been taught (she herself is has a hypothyroid) that if the results are around 2.0 or above the person more than likely has a hypothyroid.

The ranges are the same with ferritin labs say you are in range 10-100 (huge range) but my doctor says that if ferritin is below 50 it is possible to be anemic). B12 that has a huge range also 250-around 1200. But my friend's neurologist said that people can have neurological symptoms with B12 levels in the 500's I try to keep mine closer to 1000.

As I said earlier be sure to get the actual results.

I hope you get your answers,
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thanks i hope i get answers as well

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