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possible celiac disease? blood test question?
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possible celiac disease? blood test question?

I think I may have celiac disease...but I just went to the doctor and had a blood panel done, but she didn't suspect celiac disease, I'm assuming, so she tested me for thyroid 3rd gen., CBC, and Sed Rate...all my results came back normal. So my question is, what are the blood tests for celiac disease? And, I heard that Sed Rate was one of them, if it came back normal, does that mean I don't have gluten intolerance? Thanks in advance :)
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If you want to check to see if you have celiac using blood testing, make sure several ‘markers’ are tested/looked for. Of the commercially available serologic tests that help in the diagnosis of celiac disease, no one test is ideal. Using multiple serologies increases the diagnostic yield. Therefore, screening in it those with possible celiac disease should consist of a panel of the following serologic tests:

1. Anti-gliadin antibodies (AGA) both IgA and IgG
2. Anti-endomysial antibodies (EMA) - IgA
3. Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG) - IgA
4. Total IgA level.

The reasons for the use of ‘the panel’ to detect celiac disease is to include selective IgA deficiency (SIgA deficiency), lack of concordance of endomysial antibody and tTG, and to screen for the possibility of seronegative celiac disease.

In general, I personally don’t like the use of the blood test to screen for celiac disease, but its one test docs often turn to – sometime just to placate a patient. But please don’t allow the doc to test for ‘just’ tTG. It’s NOT good enough.
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I had my test ran more than three times before it would show positive.
If you're feeling bloated, or sick after eating anything with flour, wheat.
You may want to refrain from eating breads grains and start reading
labels on your can or bottle products. Go out on the web sites where
you can type in gluten help.com. They have recipes that are great to
make. Also the best thing to do, is to eat fresh veggies and fruits.
Some people like myself, have warning signs, which includes: rashes
on the chest, arms, along with stomach upset. Some people won't
have any signs at all, until you start getting real sick. grill fish and
chicken are great. just remember eating out ask to talk to a the cook
or the manager before you eat out. they have gluten menus  in some
restaurants. Try this for at least two weeks. If you start feeling better,
you may have gluten issues. Good luck
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So do you know what restaurants serve gluten free foods?? I just found out that I am anemic and that my vitamin D level is at an 8 when it should be like a 60. The doctor said that my levels of celiac was high. So does this mean that I have it? Or does other tests need to be performed??
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