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My 14 month old has recently started having tremors any suggestions?
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My 14 month old has recently started having tremors any suggestions?

My son had complications at birth, ended up having a fractured skull, damage to right frontal lobe, was without oxygen for at least 5 minutes.  He had 7 seizures in the first 24 hours of life.  He had left sided weakness for which he has had physical theropy for and occupational therapy for not being able to swallow correctly.  He has bounced back pretty good but has recently started having tremors, they last for usually less than 5 seconds but are becoming more frequent.  Usaully when very excited or upset.  The term cerbal palsy has been used by the doctors before this started and I am wondering if anyone has come across a case like this.  He just had an eeg to see if anything abnormal would be causing this, but he did not have any tremors during the test so I fail to see how that is going to help.  If anyone has any insight I would love to hear it.  Thank you.
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Hello and welcome!
Tremors can be seen in cerebral palsy. Such tremors are commonly seen in athetoid cerebral palsy which is also called dyskinetic cerebral palsy in which the muscle tone of the child keeps changing and there are uncontrolled body movements seen. Tremors and muscle spasms are a common feature in this condition. Such children respond well to antiseizure medications and tranquillisers.It is best to consult a Pediatric neurologist before initiating any therapy. I hope you find this information useful. Do write to us again.
Take care and Regards!
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