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Pap lab results what does this mean?
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Pap lab results what does this mean?

I received my lab results for my Surepath pap test with HPV reflex and it said:

Statement of adequacy:Satisfactory, endocervical/transformation zone component is present

Result: Negative for Intraepithelial lesion or malignancy

HPV DNA Test: Based on the cytology result, reflex High/Intermediate Risk HPV DNA Probe testing is not performed. Follow- up as clinically indicated.

Ok so I received a letter from my Dr. along with copies of the results and the letter stated "Pap test normal" And I never heard anything more about it.

Just wondering what exactly the HPA DNA test portion is all about (posted above) and what that even means?

She had to use a pediatric speculum so does the remarks on the HPV DNA test portion of my lab sheet have something to do with that? Or should I be worried? Thanks for any help.
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It seems that the HPV DNA test result means that since I had a result of negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy and since the sample was good that there was no need based on the cytology result to perform the HPV DNA test? Is that correct?
I concur with bccb... there is no need to do a HPV dna test when there are no lesions or hpv found.  They are just stating that.
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