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should we brake up?
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should we brake up?

I`m 45 years old man. My girlfriend diagnosed high risk hpv and she had additional test that came positive. we were planning to get married before we know this hpv. if she has hpv, I should have it too but I have no symptoms.
my question is should we stop having sex and brake up this wonderful relationship?
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If she has HPV,  chances are huge she actually contracted it from you. Many, many men have HPV but do not have any symptoms of it whatsoever. It doesn't affect men in the same way it does women.

Why would you stop having sex and end your relationship? There is no reason for this whatsoever. Many, many, many, many women have HPV at some point in their lifetimes (myself included) and the VAST majority of them clear the infection on their own without medical intervention. As long as she is consistent in following up with her pap smears to monitor the HPV to make sure it is not causing cellular changes that could lead to cancer, then she will be fine. You are fine as well.
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I am a cervix cancer patient which came from HPV though I never had contact with anyone since my divorce 28 years ago, never the less as avonelle38 has already said and she is absolutely right, men are the ones who carry HPV and pass it onto women who are then at risk of cervical cancer from that infection. Please taken into consideration that it could be you who passed it onto your GF and now she has to wait and see if her body can fight the infection or if she has cervical cancer.

Please think it over, it would not be fair to reject your GF because she has something that was passed on to her, men don't have symptoms women are the ones who suffer the consequences.

Regards and good luck.
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I am 34 years old...I had cervical cancer stage 1...I went through radiation...I still have the HPV virus.  Apparently it will not leave my body and I will most likely have it for the rest of my life.  I got the HPV virus from my ex-husband.  He is the only one I have ever been sexually active with.
Now my doctor told me that because we know the HPV virus that was transferred to me has the cancer strain in it...my ex-husband now has to go get checked for penis cancer.  HPV is out there no matter what you do...there are no symptoms for the guy or girl.  It will give symptoms to the girl but usually when it has already turned into cervical cancer.
If you love her then you will work though this...otherwise you are looking for a way out :(
Good luck
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Thank you all. I love my girlfiriend no matter what. we have been together for almost two years. I hope we will get over this hpv and get married.
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