Clenching teeth Chiari related?
by MamboMom, Nov 18, 2011
Since about six months ago, I've been clenching my teeth a lot. Including in my sleep, to where I have actually broken teeth because of it. Does anyone else have this? Any suggestions? I was diagnosed with chiari 1 a year ago.
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by Sexybare, Nov 18, 2011
I have been clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth since i was a kid. I have tmj. And no padding left in my jaw therefore it pops everytime i open my mouth or chew. It can be really painful. Yes my ns told me its chiari related. Go to rite aid and get a mouthpiece. You boil it and fit it to your teeth for nighttime. Way cheaper than one from dentist. It didnt work for me because im not comfy sleepin with it in my mouth. But maybe it will help you. There is  no fix for tmj.
by bookworm79, Nov 18, 2011
I had to do this too.  The only problem with the mouth guard is that I developed sleep apnea last year, I'm assuming from a nuerological issue or Chiari, and when I wear the mouth guard with the cpap machine, it causes sores in my mouth and toward my throat.  Not sure why unless it's air pressure getting under them or what.  But the mouth guards are a blessing when you can use them.  Also, no gum.  If you're a gum chewer, you need to stop....if you feel like it.  I was told it makes the clenching and grinding worse.  I told the doctor that I always thought chewing gum would make it better and your jaw more relaxed...not so per doctor.
by MamboMom, Nov 18, 2011
Thanks for answering :-) I will go look at mouth pieces today. And I didn't know that about the gum!
by selmaSBlank, Nov 18, 2011

  Hi...I also used to clench my jaw, had my dentist check me for TMJD and did not have it.

  I know I did it more when stressed or cold....and it made my HA's worse.

  I noticed I do not do this nemore since my surgery.

  If u have TMJD it is possible that u could have a joint dysfunction as a result of EDS or talk to ur Dr and have them check u for these.

by *Stormy* , Nov 18, 2011
It has to be Chiari related b/c it is something that I do quite often too. However, I have related it differently....I found that I do it for two reasons: when the pain is bad and I'm trying to bare it OR when I am suffering from more neck/face muscle weakness I actually do it to try and keep myself together. The same way you hunch your shoulders to keep your neck upright and then you end up with big muscle spasms. I don't know if this makes sense to you...To say it a different way, it is amazing what we will unconsciously do to accommodate weakness or disruptions in our body...I am sure jaw clenching is one of those reactions.
by linnielou232, Nov 19, 2011
On on journey of being dx with chiairi I was also dx'd with TMJ and it is painful.  I had the mouth piece made by the doc.  They have a new produce that they make, and I bit down so hard when I slept I actually broke it in half.  Ask your dentist though because most insurance company if you are fornunate to have dental usually cover's at least one mouth piece.  The one's at the store's do help, but the dentist make's one that is a little more stable.  The store one''s will work.  Just try any thing to get some relief.  I know how painful this can be.