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MRI results led me here...
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MRI results led me here...

My family doctor sent me for an MRI based on several symptoms I have been having for more than a year now. My symptoms include: Servere Vertigo -dizzy, unbalanced, Slurred Speech, Constant headaches and neck pain, ringing in ears, Starting to have issues with my vision, and difficulty swollowing - meaning I always seem to choke on my own saliva, and been gagging a lot lately.

On the results of my MRI two things were found...

the first was: bilateral mastoid opacification which my doctor mentioned to me and sent a referral to an ENT specialist.

The second said: Cerebellar tonsils extend about 5 mm below the foramen magnum.... This part he hasn't mentioned anything about. Just said he wasn't concerned with it.

Upon doing my own research - I found your website, and read about Chiari Malformation on Mayoclinic - and what do you know? All of the symptoms just happen to be issues I am experiencing! I am a mother of 5, I don't have time to just ignore these symptoms and hope after all this time they will disappear.

I am at a loss of what to do, where to go, or how to bring this up to my doctor. Please Help...
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

It is very possible u r correct and it is also possible that ur Dr may not be concerned with ur DX .....there r far too many that consider Chiari an incidental finding.

What u need now is more testing.,...I know not fun, but this is VERY important as u need to know how ur Chiari is affecting ur over all health and if u have ne related conditions as they can affect how u feel and heal post op....I can  not stress this enuff...many related conditions can cause set backs and more issues if u go for surgery and do not take precautions.

Plus u need the right Dr so take time to educate urself  and research Drs.

There are a few Chiari Drs in do look at the Health Pages for our list, keep in mind the list is not a referral or is here for u to use as a tool to research Drs....keep in mind u may have to travel.

Make sure u request copies of ALL testing MRI's blood work, etc...and the this when u go in for testing...if u do not have ur MRI, call the facility that did the studies and say u r going to a Dr out of town, they will give u a copy on a disk....then save time and request them when u go in for  ne more u have.

Know u r not alone....
Hello MsHurt,

I had alot of the same symptoms you have.  I am very glad that the person did not blow mine off.  When I went cause of bells palsye.  What Selma is telling you to do is very good advise.  Specially get all your test results so the other doctor knows what has been done and can hit the road running.  Good luck.
Selma is the best for advise, I just wanted to welcome you and to let you know your not alone, and some times this journey can be hard, but please keep determined so you can get answers. You are worth it.
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