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My Pain is killing me!!!
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My Pain is killing me!!!

Hi, this is a report from recent MRI. I was just wanting thought's about getting a second opinion on MRI report and if I should be worried? My pain is in head neck upper back, right side of back, shoulder and has started in feet lower legs. Pain is aching burning and headaches feel like pressure about to explode.There was no follow up to this MRI told to go home and take a pain killer.
The cerebellar tonsils are located up to 19mm below the level of the foramen magnum, greater on the left side, consistent with a Chiari 1 malformation.

The remaining midline structures have a normal appearance. There is no space-occupying lesion, midline shift or surface collection. Ventricular size and sulcal width are compatible with the patient's age. Normal flow voids are present. There is no evidence of acute ischaemia or haemorrhage. The orbits have a normal appearance.

There are two separate channels of T2 hyperintensity within the spinal cord, extending from C2-T5 levels. It is predominantly located centrally within the cord and follows CSF signal on all sequences, consistent with syringohydromyelia. This dilatation is maximal at the C7 level, where is measures 8mm transverse x 6mm AP. It causes mild diffuse enlargement of the cord from approximately C3-T1 levels.

There is a bilobed disc-osteophyte complex at the C2/3 level, greater on the right side. It produces mild right foraminal narrowing, which is confirmed on the CT study of 14/7/2010.

At C3/4, there is a minor disc-osteophyte complex, without significant foraminal narrowing.

The Chiari 1 malformation is again noted at the C1 and C2 levels. There is no spinal stenosis at any level. Bony alignment is normal and there is no significant focal bony lesion.
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

May I ask a few questions...what MRI's were done...a brain MRI w/wo contrast....cervical MRI, thoracic and lumbar MRI, a CINE MRI?
U will also want to rule out other related conditions like a syrinx, ICP,POTS, Sleep apnea, Ehlers-Danlos....etc....

The syringohydromyelia is something that u need someone to look at closer.....

  May I ask another question, was this a chiari specialist that u saw?
Sequences of the brain and spine performed on a three teslar platform as follows
Brain Sagittal T2. Axial T1,T2,FLAIR, SWI, DWI and ADC map.
Cervical spine Sagittal T1 and T2 Axial T2 and T2 gradient echo
Thoracic spine Sagittal T1 and T2

I went back to GP today and have got a sleep study on Monday. I also got him to refer me to a neurologist. I think I also have a tethered cord. But I will have to wait and see what neuro says.
The surgeon who reviewed me is familiar with Chiari But in contradiction to the report he said I had Chiari 2. And sent me home.He didn't even explain anything... Keep changing dr because they have no idea. The one I have now is the best so far. Just recently started at a pain clinic. still waiting for assesment. Started Nospan patch today...hope it helps

  I feel he is saying Chiari II bcuz of the syringohydromelia...the spinal cord widens and this  could be y he is calling it that...not saying it is a correct or a wrong dx...just this is y.

And u will keep getting passed around until u get to a chiari look at our list and use it to research Drs. It is important that u r confident and  comfortable with the Dr u choose so see a few with similar experience with Chiari and related conditions.

A lumbar MRI is a good idea not just to rule out TCS, but u could have a syrinx that low as well....
Keep in mind an elongated brain stem also indicated TCS.
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