My head/ neck is killing me, could it be my pillow?
by pinkakira1, Feb 23, 2011
I have been having these horrible headaches that are at the base of my skull. I am starting to think my pillow don't give me enough support or maybe too much support and my neck is getting kinked. IDK I am not getting enough sleep and my head is killing me all the time. I feel like I want to cry cause I am so frustrated and I am constantly complaining and in a bad mood cause I just don't feel good. I thought maybe it might be the medication they put me on (Lamictal XR) but I am not sure. I have some days that are better than others. I think my fience is getting sick of me griping and I feel like I can't tell him anymore when I hurt cause he thinks I am faking it or milking it for sympothy. I was thinking maybe a pillow might help??? Anyone have any suggestions? Also I just don't want to call my doctor cause I don't want that surgery. I want to handle this with other options first. I was only diagnoised a couple of months ago. I need any suggestions you can give me.
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by teenybeanz, Feb 23, 2011
I started using a tempurpedic contour pillow. It makes a HUGE difference. If I don't use it I am more dizzy and tired and in pain the next day. They're expensive and they take some getting used to but they're totally worth it.
by sleepypea, Feb 23, 2011
So sorry to hear your going through this.
I recently bought the cloud pillow. It's $20 at CVS. I really didn't think it would help but I was desperate and didn't have much money that day so I thought I would give it a try.
They told me it would be no problem to bring it back after a week or so if I didn't like it.
Believe it or not it's actually quite comfortable. Between the new pillow and better posture it has helped my neck pain. If you are able to get a massage it would probably work wonders too :)
I can't afford those either right now and getting my husband to rub my neck is like pulling teeth, but when he does it really helps SO much.

I sure hope you get some relief and as far as mood swings, It could be the medicine. I'm on Panlor SS which is a narcodic and when I have to take it I too have mood swings. Pretty much anything with codeine or the like will cause me to get moody, but I have to do what I have to do to deal with the pain and my family understands and just stays out of my

by actressmouse, Feb 23, 2011
I, too, am newly diagnosed and have been experiencing severe neck pain in addition to headaches at the base of my skull.  I purchased a "Zipperhead" pillow online from   It has made a huge difference for me.  The company includes extra "stuffing" so you can add or remove stuffing for a custom fit/feeling.  I also just had Occipital Nerve Block injections done yesterday and, WOW!!! What a difference!  I feel more like my old neck isn't bugging me today...which is the first time in years that I've been able to say that!!! There's no guarantee how long this will last but I am greatful for the relief I am experiencing right now.  Good luck....try even the little things like changing your pillow.  Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference.
by pamk5, Feb 23, 2011
I bought a new pillow at Ikea which I absolutely love.  It was a little pricey at $40 it is soft but supportive and springs right back into shape.  It seems to make a difference with the right pillow.  

None of us want surgery.  I promise you that.  Have you been checked for associated conditions like a syrinx?  CSF blockage?  Depending on whether or not you have these conditions surgery may become necessary to avoid possible permanent irreversible damage.  I think trying all the other options makes sense if you can.  As long as you have all the answers.  Have you been evaluated by a CM specialist?  Just things I think you should consider.  

Good luck with finding that right pillow.  I bought several before I found the perfect one.  

by selmaSBlank, Feb 23, 2011

  Hi...pillows r is the can make the height off the bed too much...try turning the pillow so it is the long way under ur shoulders so u r on more of an angle....

Stress will also cause the pain u describe do try to relax as much as u can.

Keep us posted on what u find that works : )