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Post Surgery Leg Numbness
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Post Surgery Leg Numbness

Hi, my name is Maggie and I had my 5th surgery on June 14, 2011 and just got home on Tuesday June 21st. My first decompression surgery was in 2008 and I immediately acquired hydrocephaulus and required to subsequent operations in a matter of 15 days. I was never able to walk correctly after that third surgery. For the following year I went and did every therapy that my doctors thought would help me. Nothing work. As the time came closer to one year post op they did an MRI which revealed I had hydrocephalus. Back to the operating room and now I have a VP shunt. Well the year and half since I got my shunt I was remarkably better but it was not great. I still had balance issues, pressure headaches and lots of pain in the neck area as well tingling in my arms. Another MRI revealed that I had blockage of the cervicle spine and now I had a cyst in the spinal column that was compressing my spinal cord. They suggested surgery and that is what I had last week. I feel much better from the headaches and I no longer have the tingling in the arms. Now what I do have is my entire right leg is numb from the waist to the toes mostly on the outside of the leg. They tell me its because of the position that I was in during surgery (surgery lasted 9 hours) and the week following surgery that I was not able to stand up and was only move from my left side to right side. They say I need to give it time. They want me walking with a walker because my leg could give out on me and since its all numb I may not realize it. I am very happy with my surgery and the outcome and have to say that I'm glad I had it done. I was wondering if anyone has had this numbness post op and if so how was it resolved? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Maggie...I did not have that situation, but...ur surgery was only last week....nerves r disturbed during surgery and it does take time for them to fact, during healing they can flare up and give us  a repeat of symptoms we thought we relieved with surgery.....

I know since u have this numbness in ur leg, that it may be diff from ur other surgeries u have had, but the cyst may have been pressing on the nerves for ur legs as well as u being in a odd position for surgery.

Unless things get worse...I would say give ur self time to heal.

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