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anyone had numbness radiate down an arm after cervical trigger point in...
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anyone had numbness radiate down an arm after cervical trigger point injections?

i received my routine occipital nerve block thursday with no results and its ODD as they have helped me for years, he also did trigger point injections base of my neck each side i dont get them every time but occasionally if i ask he will add them in. Well my right side is fine just sore but since the injection for the first time in 12 yrs i have pain and numbness going down my left arm. Just curious if anyone has had a similar thing happen ever from Trigger Point injections, im baffled as they usually help me not sure if i have new problems all of a sudden or if he may have nicked a nerve with the injection. He did call me back over the weekend as i keep getting new/worsening symptoms and i will be going in for an emergency epidural in a couple days to block the nerves that are causing me numbness and pain so he can look into things further.
How often should we have a new MRI done too??????????? i know its been at least 5 yrs since my last one i am betting my discs are in worse shape now than previous. if anyone can help me out that would be great i am new around this site and trying to link up with people that have cervical problems/migraines like me. Hope you all are hanging in there too <3
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

May I ask, do u also have chiari along with ur cervical disk issues?....r ur issues a result of an injury?....were u checked for other issues?

Depending on what the issues r, most drs will do a MRI every 6 months if u r having changes to symptoms...once leveled off once a yr may be advised.....if it is 5 yrs, I would expect ur dr might do one b4 continuing with these procedures.

Do u have copies of ur MRI and the reports?

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