10 yr old boy with Underarm Hair ~ early puberty?
by Momof4, Oct 16, 2001
Because my 10 year old son has underarm hair already, I am curious if this will affect his overall growth (height)- does this mean he will start to slow down?  Neither myself or his father were early bloomers... does this necessarily mean he is in full blown puberty?  I have asked my brother's and sister's regarding their boys and I have asked other parents of boys around his age and no one else seems to notice this about their child.  Since this is my oldest child, and we have not entered this new part of the "life cycle", I am wondering what to expect.
by Kevin Kennedy, Ph.D.Blank, Oct 16, 2001
No, by itself this does not indicate that your son has entered puberty, though it is likely he will be at the early end of the spectrum. Technically, precocious puberty in boys is indicated by the appearance of secondary sex characteristics before the age of ten. Characteristics include the appearance of underarm, facial and pubic hair, and the growth of the penis and testicles.You are probably witnessing the first signs of puberty, though this will not give you any idea about the pace in which the pubertal development proceeds. It is not unusual for boys to begin to show such signs by the age of twelve - girls enter puberty, on average, at a younger age than do boys.
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