12year old boy taking pictures of 4 year olds penis
by devineabstrac, May 30, 2009
My sister called me today to ask my advice on a picture that her oldest son took of his 4 year old younger brother's penis. The video showed the 12 year old pulling his brother's pants down and taking a picture of his penis. This was taken a year ago. When my sister asked her (now) 5 year old son if the 12 year old (he's now 13 years old) if he has done this before, the 5 year old replies "yes, 4-5 times" She has not discussed the event with her 13 year old, instead, she is gathering information before talking to him. She is not a hot head and very non-confrontational and she wants to do what is in the best interest of both children.

The 13 year old has never had behavior problems and a very sweet disposition. My concern is 1. is this a sexual preoccupation deviant behavior 2. could this be his way of exploring his sexuality?

What is your advice?
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by Liquid4444, May 30, 2009
It is normal for boys to be pre-occupied with sex. Especially with thier own sex. It is not deviant behavior as it is not consistant and long lasting. It is just curousity. Taking pictures is a way of remembering. I think the 12 year old masturbates to the pictures if he had possesion of them. Has he touched his younger brother's penis? Did he play with it? The video should be destroyed and so should the pictures. The (now 13) boy should be talked to and told not to do it again that it was an invasion of ones privacy. The fact that he took pictures may carry over into his teens. That part must be watched. Anyway, that is what I believe. If he has touched his younger brother's penis or played with it, he is deffinately too old for such activity. I can see younger boys, around 5 or 7 doing something like that out of curiousity.