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3 1/2 yr old girl have sensory issues?
As an infant my daughter would throw up at least once a day. She was over sensitive to noise and would cry as if in pain if a can of pop was opened or a car door shut. She cried A LOT at all times of the day and would only nap in 20 minute increments. Our doctor told us not to worry about it and she would out grow the thowing up, which she did at 5 months old.

Now she is an extremely picky eater and often refuses to eat much at dinner, usually a little bit of meat and some bread. Before bed she will eat a bowl of Cheerios. Smell and texture seem to play a big part in what foods she will eat. Sometimes she will lick at her food before putting it in her mouth.

When she has a cold she'll cry hysterically that she has "boogers coming out" when it hasn't even ran down far enough in her nose to see it yet. If she wipes her own nose, she'll insist on using at least 30 or more tissues.

At school she'd rather have mom stay and play with her than play with the other kids. Her teacher indicated that she parallel plays and doesn't always engage in group activities, she usually will watch the other kids first and then decide if she wants to join in. When I drop her off there is usually a craft set out to get started on (which she loves to do at home), but at school she'll tell me she doesn't want to do it. She tells me that she doesn't want to play with toys or look at books and wants me to stay there with her. She has gotten over crying when I leave as long as the teacher has gotten her interested in something. She interacts with her teachers very well.

She will play together very well with her cousin and with my friend's daughter her same age, but in a group situation she doesn't seem to want to be a part of it, only be an observer.

She absolutely hates getting water on her face in the tub and has always resisted getting her hair washed. It helps if I have her do most of the washing.

She will get upset and cry if things don't go exactly as she wants it.

She loves to listen to music and then go around and around in circles to get dizzy.

For months she has been resisting naps even when it's obvious she's extremely tired. She will keep getting out of bed or start playing with toys. The only way I've found to get her to fall asleep at nap time is to lay by her and remind her to lay still and be quiet.

For a while now she has been having trouble sleeping at night and will whimper/whine in the night, sometimes just cry out as if she had a bad dream. Sometimes she'll just come into our room. She has an especially hard time sleeping if she has a cold and will cry throughout the night.

It does seem like she has a hard time finding something even if it's right in front of her.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

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Your daughter is still very young, so it's hard to know how much will change as she develops. However, some of the behaviors or traits that you describe indicate that she may well have some sensory integration problems, and an evaluation by a pediatric occupational therapist would be sensible. In addition, she has some developmental immaturity socially, though this certainly does not sound severe. The separation anxiety you describe is not uncommon for her age, and that will likely continue to wane as she develops. Be sure to return her to her own bed if she comes to you during the night.
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