6 1/2 year old girl masterbating
by Corinda2000, Jul 07, 2008
I have a big problem, I have a almost 7 year old daughter and for some time now she has been putting her hands down her pants while watching TV, while doing just about anything. We told her not to do that and would make her go wash her hands, but now it has progressed to sitting upright with her knees bent toward eachother and pushing her legs on top of oneanother. I have asked her why she does this and she said it makes her 'kitty' feel tingly.... I just about freaked out, I have no idea what to say, she is too YOUNG to be going through this I would think. I dont know what to say to her, I just caught her in her room laying on her bed moving her legs like that and she was breathing hard and sweating, I just asked her what she was doing and she said nothing, so I told her she had better stop doing that. But apparently it is getting worse and I dont know what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appericated. We dont allow her to watch adult shows. and I dont know where this would be coming from. Do I need to take her to talk to her peditritaion about this? Do I tell her this is normal? I have not been sayting that I have been telling her she better stop doing it right now.. Help Please....
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by ehhhhh, Jul 07, 2008
chastity belt
by sophiepinksydney, Jul 07, 2008
I also have a 7 year old daughter who is having difficulty with masturbation( I wish there was a different term for children). I generally refer to it as self stimulation. Im a registered nurse who has worked in psych settings and I do know that a certain amount of self stimulation IS normal.  
   This has been our usual drill when we find her in this activity at home in the living room or other common area:
1.We say something like, "Yes that does feel good. God made our bodies so that they can feel nice!"

2." Because you are touching your private areas you have to go to a private place such as your bedroom or the bathroom."
She's usually ok with that and will go to a private place.

I have worried about sexual abuse so I have asked her if any other person has touched her vagina or private areas or if anyone ever made her feel uncomfortable about her private parts.
She says "No, because it's my private area."

She has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and with OCD. So there are a few quirks at work here. And her teacher told me that this had become a problem during nap time at Kindergarten last year.

I had to talk to Sophie and tell her that this is a SUPER PRIVATE THING. It's not BAD, but because you have your hands on your bottom people might think it yucky!
SOOO- You can Never have private time at school. It's only for home.

This behavior does increase when her stress level goes up (after school) or when she's just plain bored.

by sophiepinksydney, Jul 07, 2008
Also, back on this subject of our beautiful daughters, I wonder if our reactions would be different if they were boys?  Maybe we would just blow it off and tell them to go in the other room! I don't know.

I do know that regarding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder the way that an activity is diagnosed as a symptom of OCD is the degree to which it interferes with daily functioning;ex-washing hands for 3-4hours a day, or having to check the locks so much that you are an hour late to everything.

So I would definately talk to my pediatrician, but dont freak out about it to your daughter.
by helizna, Jul 29, 2008
I have the exact problem with my almost-7 year old daughter rubbing her privates. Relieved to hear others experience this, but concerned because it is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I feel just like you. No OCD or ADD, she knows it's "wrong" and nasty, but it feels good to her and she will sneak and do it, and even ask to be by herself sometimes to do it. It really bothers me!
by kittykat673, Jun 11, 2010
ok my 5 almost 6 year old has been touching herself for the past year... No molestation and no OCD or ADD mild concentration concerns.  A large part of me wants it to go away because i feel sickened about it especially because of her age. But another part of me is thinking that it is normal. I ask her to wash her hands and keep explaining to her that it is a private place and that it needs to be kept in private. I also remind her that it is unacceptable to be chatting about it with friends. Any other information would  be helpful. I am just really concerned about her age and the future....
by Fluttershy00, Jan 11, 2013
Please don't listen to the people who say "OH YOU SHOULDN'T LET HER DO IT". It is natural for her age to start this phase and don't tell her to ignore it, what I think is you and your husband should do is have a private conversation and say it is natural so don't be ashamed and tell her where she can masturbate and not to. There is nothing wrong with your daughter in fact this is a sign that she is maturing which you should encourage.

If you want to keep masturbating down and not have her do it so much you should sign her up for sports or any other after school activities or just play with a ball outdoors will always help. She is most likely doing this because shes bored and so just keep her busy, and if she does wanna masturbate let her have her privacy.
by margypops, Jan 11, 2013
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