6 year boys cought giving oral sex
by paula123, Sep 01, 2007
To my shock, I discovered my 6 year son and his cousin also 6 yrs. old performing oral sex on each other. When questioned about were they learned this behavior ( 1st with the lying) It was determined that my son viewed adult cable television and thats where he learned it. I am in shock. This can not be "normal" exploration? Other members of my family have now confessed that they have cought my son rubbing on his penis in the bathroom more then once. Also, I have found out that he was cought at school twice for "playing with himself in the bathroom at school. My instict is that this goes wat too far.

Please any feedback would be great!


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by pixijal, Sep 01, 2007
He's fine.  You do need to tell him a couple of things.  He MUST understand that his privacy is HIS privacy....that nobody else is ever allowed to touch it, but him.  It is NOT ok to touch someone else's.  He is allowed to touch or look at his own while he is in PRIVATE.  Don't make him feel bad or dirty for this, you just need to let him know what IS okay.  Because both of the children involved are close in age, I would not be concerned.  

Again, he does need to learn what is ok, and what is not.  
by pixijal, Sep 01, 2007
by pixijal, Sep 01, 2007
I would be MORE concerned about how he had access to an adult cable television show......
by babyprayers, Sep 03, 2007
I firmly DO NOT BELIEVE A 6 YEAR OLD COULD BE CONSIDERED FINE WHEN CAUGHT GIVING ORAL SEX. exploring genitalia yes, but not giving oral sex. This was a learned behavior, possibly from TV. I agree with pixi to not make him feel bad, but I also think it warrents further investigation.. .
by Trialanderror, Sep 04, 2007
My son`s 6 year old friend displayed very odd behavior as well when my son was barely 4 years old and I made every effort that the two would hardly see each other to let that unequal friendship taper off. It seemed to be related to adult TV programs as well. My question is - how on earth can 6-year-olds even find those channels and why is there nobody with them? Is it the craziness of today that children have their own TV in their rooms or what? It will be a challenge to undo the confusion that the little boy mentioned above is in.
by laura1977, Sep 06, 2007
Forgive me if I misunderstood, but how is your 6 year old watching adult television???????????????
I have 4 brothers and yes I did see them playing around with their penis when they were little, but never this, never.  What you need to remember is if a teacher or someone finds out this, there is a chance they can call someone to take your child if they think your child is seeing something or whatever else.  I have two daughters 5 and 2, and yes my 5 year old knows that if she touches down there that it tickles, but the thing is she wouldn't know that you put your mouth down there.  Heres the thing in todays world sex is everywhere.  Heres another thing PARENTAL CONTROL is everywhere also.  I'm not saying your a bad mother or anything, I just want you to know that this isn't normal and you could get accused of something if this doesn't stop.
The other thing you might need to find out, is if someone has done something to your son, and believe me I hope not, but in todays world it happens.
by momoffive604, Oct 03, 2013
hi mom ,i am mom of 5...first of all, this is not really that age,kids  kids that age have no knowledge  or interest in SEX..this is just curiosity..experimentation,,,millions,upon millions  of little boys and girls do this,,,,it is COMPLETELY sex going on here.......
.    now ,when a child reaches puberty,and does what millions of teens commonly call "69",now THAT is in the realm of sex.Also note,...,that all boys in the history of the world handle their penis,from infancy on. this is NOT masturbation....because  a boy cannot ejaculate until about age 11,or so.
    Again," playing Dr." is normal and nothing to worry about . Just give them love,affection,and understanding,and never make them feel guilt or shame about their body parts.Please remember that millions,upon,millions,upon millions ,have,and do play DR.
by Modafinil, Oct 03, 2013
I find this is pretty disturbing and I have experience with disturbed and sexually abused children.

I would not worry about him playing with himself, if it is in private, and not excessive.

How ever if they had each other penises in their mouths, I mean this goes beyond what I consider normal exploratory behavior.

I personally have trouble believing, even if they viewed like this, that a single watching of something like that, is going to result in such behavior in normal children.

In my experience, children who act in this sort of over the top manner, have been sexually interfered with. The incident itself does not lead completely to such a conclusion, but please be on the strong look out for signs of sexual abuse, but do not be paranoid, you need to rationally gather any reliable evidence you can find, and consider what males adults they have been around. Do NOT be suggestive or leading in talking to your children about such things, but listen to anything they have to say.
by momoffive604, Oct 07, 2013
Yes,i agree,that possible abuse, or pornography must be ruled out. Nothing in this world makes me more upset and angry than a child being abused.....even though it be in the realm of possibility that children this age,,may ,on occasion,keep experimenting,and figure out this 89 must all  check out possibilities of them gaining know how from a sinister source.Pornography is totally sick and very damaging.....TAKES  something that is totally sacred,holy,and Divine,and makes that appear as cheap.vulgar,and very ugly.Thank you for your service as a counsellor,and keep up the good work!