6 year old tells me he hears voice in his head
by tricci, Apr 13, 2010
My 6 year old son keeps telling me that his brain is telling him bad things.  This morning he was upset because his brain kept saying "I'm right" over and over and he says he can't stop it.  He says it gives him a headeache.  He usually won't tell me what he hears because he says they are bad words that he is not supposed to say.  He's been telling me this for awhile and I just kind of tell him that it's normal but I'm not so sure it is???We do have mental illness in our family (bipolar disorder) but I don't believe this is related.  Is it really normal that he would be hearing these things?
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by sunshine1976, Apr 13, 2010
This does NOT sound normal to me.  One of the questions asked when I was getting a diagnosis for my son was about hearing voices and talking to himself.  I know as a parent the difference between imagination and hearing voices is hard to determine at this age, but it is obviously upsetting him and should be looked into soon.  If it ends up being nothing you've given yourself and your son peace of mind.  If it ends up being a problem than you are getting the tools to help your son.  
by specialmom, Apr 13, 2010
Yes, I think this should be assessed.  With kids, they will often tell you that their "brain tells them to do something" but that is different than voices.  It sounds like your son can not quiet his thoughts or is hearing voices.  I think a mental health professional can help you in answering if this is the begining of a disorder or if it is normal kid stuff.  good luck
by NocturnalOracle, Jul 05, 2010
Sounds like he's showing signs of schizophrenia, and it's NOT normal to hear voices until you become upset. Take him to a doctor ASAP.
by tshay, Jan 24, 2012
My 6 year old son has told me he can hear voices in his head that tell him to do bad his baby sister and to himselve I fell like I can't take my eyes off him. He is going though a medical assesment at the moment but the voices in his head have told him to do really bad stuff but it hurts me to say that my son has said he no longer wonts to be here and die and his only 6 and the voices in his head are going to help him
by Oia, Jan 24, 2012
we all have voices in our heads some stronger than others.
We don't always admit it but we all have  thought process that is like a voice in our heads.  I know for a sensitive child if around many unspoken negative feelings, they will sence it as a bad voice in their head. Learning to " clear the air " around him by talking about difficult feelings or situations can help.  go to family therapy and safe your son from anguish and you too:)
by singledad1311978, Jan 26, 2012
I'm sorry but am i the only one who finds this post amazing. Have you ever seen a movie or heard a news story about people who hear voices. Its never good and always should be treated with urgency. just the fact that your child is having headaches because of the voices should get him a trip to the doctors. I don't mean to sound like I'm apathetic because I'm not but this is a no brainer right?
by CandyGramma, Aug 03, 2012
My 6 Y/O grandson is hearing voices telling him to hate his mother,  and father,  the voices are making him cry, " because they will not stop".  He now is saying  the "DEVIL" is telling him to kill his mother.   He is depressed, has lost 2 lbs,(  and he was a preemie and is tiny to begin with).  He has begged his mom to tae him to the hospital.  The voices/devil has him wanting to call  his loved ones all bad names.  He is asking his mom to make it stop.
  My little guy,  has always been the sweetest,  most loving, cutest little guy that has ever existed.  schitzo disorders usually manifest in the mid teens.  Please  if anyone out there  had even the slightest idea of any  diagnosis that fits this behavior,  please please   share  it.  
My daughter has him at the Hospital right now,  trying to get to the bottom of this,  
any infor anyone can share will be so very helpful
by IChris, Aug 04, 2012
Both dissociations, compulsive thoughts and Tourettes comes to my mind. It is not rare with bizzarre content in compulsive thoughts and they may make one being scared of loosing control. When it comes to Tourettes disorder is the mechanism in this on the spectre of compulsive thoughts and may also trying to get the person affected to say involuntary things. Dissociations is a defence mechanism which shield the person from traumatic events and something everyone do once in a time, it is when it gets extreme that it can be a serious problem. From simple things like repression of thoughts and daydreaming to more serious things like 'possession by the devil' and multiple personalities may dissociations manifest itself.
by CandyGramma, Aug 04, 2012
Thank you , Chris.   I think you hit the nail on the head.   The preliminary Dx was OCD.  Thank you , again,  so very much.