7 year old urinating and defecating in bedroom
by Annabelle106, Oct 20, 2007
My 7 year old step grand daughter has been urinating in her bed room. She has done this for several months to the point of ruining a mattress. The mattress was replaced and plastic bed cover applied. The child removed the plastic bed cover and continues to urinate on the bed. (She purposely pulls her pants down and does this.) Also urinating on the floor and in the closet. She now has starting to defecate in her room, hiding it and smearing it on the walls. She has no answer for her behavior, other than one time telling her father that she did it because he didn't tuck her in bed. I don't understand why any child would do this. She has also urinated at school at her desk because she didn't want to get up from what she was doing. She has also wet herself on the school bus and the other children know it and make fun of her but she seems to enjoy this attention.
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by mom66, Oct 20, 2007
this sounds like a definate behavioral problem. You may want to take her to see a professional. She is acting out and wants attention for something that may be going on at home. My stepson is 15 now, but when he was 11 he was still having bed wetting accidents and he would hide his wet jeans and underwear under the bed. I found 5 pairs one day...his room smelled awful and there they were. He was having major problems at home, his mom had moved up north and had been living with someone who my stepson hated and he was completely miserable. He was acting out, now we have custody of him. You should talk to the parents and find out is there anything going on at home that is making her unhappy. This sends a warning flag to me...maybe she's being neglected.
by lostforwords10, Feb 02, 2009
My 10yr old son has been urinating in his closet and floor.  For weeks now I have smelling an awful smell in the game room and his bed room.  I thought it was our dog until I caught him urinating in his closet and again one moring when I got him up for school.  He was fully awake and when I asked him why he just said because I had to go.  His restroom is attached to his bedroom. I often question why he does what he does.  It really doesn't make sense to me.
by zajennif, Aug 14, 2009
My almost 9 yr old son continues to sneak and defecate in strange places.  He seems to have a fascination with feces and I find myself repulsed by my own son.  He will find toys and defecate in them along with urinating in toy boxes, backpacks, etc.  He also displays very oppositional behavior.  We have tried every means of discipline that we know...behavior modification, "grounding", and even spanking.  My husband and I have taken him to the doctor, which prescribed him Vyvanse, a stimulant to treat ADHD.  He does have other behavior problems and trouble in school, but I have to say this one bothers me the most.  Thankfully, he shows a love for animals, which helps to console me against one of my biggest fears where he's concerned, violent behavior.  Has anyone experienced this with their child and if so, has a professional diagnosed him/her.
by motterson, Feb 12, 2012
thank god I'm not the only one, but it does look like the professionals don't know what to do with this either. Some of the same behavior others have mentioned, and trying to get me fired from jobs bying pooping in her pants up to five times a day so that I have to be repeatedly called out of work. The "solutions" have ranged form blaming me to trying to tell me that this was normal behavior (oh, look, it's normal, problem solved, child cured). absolutely frustrating, honestly, it's ruining my whole family's life. We can't go out or do anything, she soils herself on the way. There are a whole host of other behaviors including eating like a baby with her fingers and getting it all over her face and making deliberate messes, dumping out soaps and shampoos, deliberately and excessively wasting food, bullying her brother and other children. There is nothing medically wrong with this child, she is not abused. is there anyone who can help? I'm on two different andtidepressants at this life, my 8 yr old is ruining my life and her little brother's, and it's very deliberate. I work in a school myself, am a paraeducator, am experienced in behavior mod programs, and none of it works on her.
by glittermama417, Mar 24, 2012
omg, i am in tears reading this bc i am empathize so much. the resentment, the worry about losing a job...i am going thru something similar. I don't understamd why my child pees in his closet, against the wall, in the garage, on he bathroom floor... have u looked into bipolarism ? we just talked here about how it seems our child is reverting to being a baby. i don't understand . i am so isck of the smells, the ruined clothes, wasted food...i'm sorry u are dealing with this.
by at_my_wits_end_2012, Apr 17, 2012
wow... finding this made me realize that we are not alone! My step son is 10 yrs old, has been in Canada for 2 years now with his Father and I. Almost immediately he began breaking things around the house and lying or trying to blame his older sister(15). Although displeased with it, and he was given some consequences for it, I chalked it up to being curious about his new surroundings and possibly being a bit clumsy. Within a couple of weeks he began to urinate in the corner of the landing of our stairwell and blame our 6 year old female dog.... like she could pee on the wall and directly into the corner..... He has always had bed wetting issues.. and we have never reprimanded him for that as I was a bed wetter as a young child.. and grew out of it. We only asked that he take his sheets down to the laundry and wash up before going to school in the morning. He did not... rather choosing to hide the pj's in the drawer and crawl back into the same bed the next night.. of course we caught onto this and decided to try pullups... explaining that this way he would be able to not wet in the bed.. and simply remove the pullup and wash up... long story short.. he has progressed to urinating all over his room... in his toy box, in his back pack in the upstairs hallway, out his bedroom window.... and now even has been hiding his wet pullups in his room....he has also moved onto stealing electronics and destroying them... also hiding them... cassette tapes with mixed music my husband and I were saving shredded to bits in his room.... knives. lighters...cutting holes in his screen with scissors... burning plastic baggies... we have taken him to councelling and to a specialist... he recently tried to say that he was being beaten at home to his principle.. we had the police and CAS come and investigate and close their file after they were satisfied that this was NOT true.... we are living in fear presently wondering what is next.... afraid to let him out of our sight... to sleep at night... my husband has hide the gas for our lawn mower inside the dog house in our back yard just incase.....he NEVER does these things in our presence... and seems to do it whether he is happy or in trouble for something the first year he was here he did act out a bit at school... but this year he is achieving major milestones in his learning.. bringing him much closer to his grade level than when he first arrived... frankly we are exhausted...mentally... emotionally... and ready to send him back to Jamaica....we are out of options... he is destroying our home that we are just affording to try and give him the comforts in life....  God help us.... I pray constantly... I just don't know what else to do...... I am sorry to hear that your experiencing similar issues and will pray for you too!!
by lucy500, Jul 03, 2012
Kids are emotionally departed from families,parents,socializing being able to talk to somebody pray yes do that tell your kids to also set down with them let them kno you care its so many parents don't show love not even attention don't even want to tell there kids that you love them daily or give them a hug to help them in what ever they need help in our kids our families need us more than ever give attention more spend time with your children listen to your kids that's important these kids be abused mentally, physically & emotionally plus verbally watch your kids surroundings people are sick watch your husbands they be sneaky touching your little daughters even little boys same thing for women & children get threatened by them cause they tell the children don't say nothing or they Will do whatever your children are first priority it could be someone abusing your children out of home teachers people in your neighborhood one of there family homes see what's on your child mind first if you can't get no information nothing coming out stuff gettin covered up seek professional help don't stress don't live in fear go get help or send them away for help
by Katiusha, Oct 19, 2012
Be yoiur child's friend: Just stay away from psychiatric evaluations, stop worrying. He will get out of it someday. Surely he will not be doing this in his 20s. As upsetting as it may be, he obviously is still exploring with this. See it as a stage he is still dealing with. One of my sons played with teddies until he was 11. A cousin of mine played with faeces and urine until she was 7.
Whatever you do stay away from Psychiatrists and especially the Social workers who will immediately blame you for this, claiming you must be upsetting the child somehow, and they will not accept no for an answer.
Let your child be. Stop comparing him. He is what he is, he will someday come round and if he doesn't well, so be it. I sympathize with you though, it must be terrible. But NEVER punish him for it. I remember being 4 and being routinely punished for defecating in my room. They were so harsh that I never had the opportunity to feel like I could explain. yet there was a reason: I woke up in the middle of the night usually, feeling like I needed to defecate. But I was afraid of monsters under the bed. I just needed to have explained this and for someone to have helped me resolve this, by leaving a light on or allowing me to call someone to help me go to the toilet, as I could not face stepping down from the bed; I felt like a hand could grab my feet and I feared this very much. These fears are typical of that age, by the way, as are nightmares. But the humiliation of being punished and never being given a chance to explain, made it impossible for me to process my reasons and to put them into words, to my mother and aunt who, I recall called me a 'pig" (synonymous with filthy in Portuguese). they, like you, thought there was something wrong with me and that I was disgusting and that I was simply upsetting them beyond what was tolerable. the truth is that their approach was worsening the situation. I only stopped this in a different home : I was away from my intolerant aunt (My mother was ok) and I was given a room to share with my brother. Having two single pretty bouncy beds, I was now able to jump from mine to his and from his to the door...without fear... I had teh art of landing some two yards away..  from the 'monsters'  
So you can see that my problem was not mental. I was not being stubborn, and I was not a bad child,. I was a lovely little girl who had been made to feel ashamed of herself and who could not feel safe to express herself. I recall that I felt terribly humiliated and ashamed of myself as their words and behavior and smacking, made me feel degraded. I could not understand why they would simply assume that I was bad. looking back I can see that they were frustrated and they could not understand and that they put that frustration against me, the source of the problem. had they treated me with dignity I would have come out fine the first day. I recall also that I could not bear sleeping in the dirt but I was too scared of the dark... and of the adults. I could not contemplate waking them for assistance. Well, I hope this helps. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY LABELING OR MEDICATION FROM PSYCHIATRISTS WHATSOEVER FOR IT IS A FRAUD AND HARMS YOUR DARLING SON. Good luck, katia.