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Crying outbursts
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Crying outbursts

My 7 year old daughter has always  been what we call a "Drama Queen".  Ever since Kidergarden her progress reports and report cards state that she gets emotional quickly ( mostly crying) and often and that she needs to work on controlling her emotions.  She can get upset for example for tearing the wrong page out of a workbook and start crying.  She does very well in school academically, but the outbursts are disruptive to the class and her classmates are now starting to make fun of her.  We have been working with the teacher sending home progress reports daily on her behavior and have seen some improvment.  Until yesterday when she had a substitue teacher for half the day and she started crying and running around and pushing chairs, which sent her to the principals office.  When I asked her why she did this she said she was upset that the teacher had to leave and wanted her to come back.  Other times I ask her why she cried she says she just has to let it out.  She is an only child and an only grandchild and is used to pretty much have things her way.  This school year it has just seemed to excalate.  I was wondering if diet may have something to do with it, either an  allergy to something, or a lack some vitamin.  I will admit her diet is poor, she is a very picky eater.  I would like to rule out anything medical before we bring in the counslor.  Unfortunley my insurance does not cover wellness check ups and  we have to pay the office visit out of pocket.  This is also a consern for me since money is tight.  Also she does not have a pedictrician, when she gets a cold she goes to my doctor who is a general practioner, so I really don't know where to begin.
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does she cry at home when things like this happen or just at school?
Would you say she is hypersensitive? Is she used to being corrected? If she has an outburst at home do you allow it? I would say 7 is pretty old to be having tantrums. I am just putting the facts together- not trying to be judgmental-
When and if you can ever rule out physical problems, her "emotional problems" seems to be getting better you said but you don't say if there are consequences to her outbursts like the chair pushing and running around in the room that sent her to the office. A substitute teacher is sometimes a bit overwhelmed with outbursts like that, and had no idea how to control a child having a tantrum. That doesn't excuse your daughter though.

I think if she is not still going forward by the end of the year, I would borrow some money to have her evaluated. Since the other children are already seeing a big difference in her and making fun of her, I would try really hard to get a handle on it NOW. The emotional side of her that cries and gets frustrated is not a bad feeling to have, just help her put all her emotions in perspective. Teach her to soothe herself by repeating "it will be ok"- or "maybe tomorrow"/ when she hears this lovingly from you and teacher several times a day it may help- if that doesn't work and you think it makes her worse- you can try the other extreme- just firmly say "That is enough"
Yes you can try cutting refined sugar and caffeine before school and with the lunch she receives. You will notice at home if this makes a big difference. I would surely try it.
My last thought is that you are paying school taxes and there are diagnosticians at the school that can evaluate her for special needs and that doesn't especially mean Special Education but in the end they may want a doctor to evaluate along with them.

IF it is all behavior-
this one sentence from you makes me wonder if this is just learned behavior-"She is an only child and an only grandchild and is used to pretty much have things her way"-
maybe she just flat out needs to learn things don't have to always be "her way" and that will be hard at first but you will get her through it. It's like bending a piece of wire back after it has been bent one way- you have to stretch it even further than you normally would to straighten it back out. Then you will be able to eventually let up.

I know what you mean, my god daughter is the exact same way, she cries for no reason. And finally after a year of the same stuff,  I had to tell her mom, exact how my husband and i felt. and I use the B# word, because the daughter acts like the mom. The daughter will loves you when she wants something, cries if she can't get her way. Wants attention, big drama queen. if she is not having a good time, then no one will have a good time. (timeout is 10 mins, does not work. so, i take away toys.

I will continue to try and read more books, but the honest truth is the mom does not want to spend time with her. I really think if her mother would spend more alone time with her, this might make a different. We have ask her before, and she ask the older daughter (age 12) to talk to her.

The older daughter said, I have already talk to her, it's your job as the mom to talk to her. The mom just does not get it. Other problems are maliplipate manners trying to get you to something, her love you one min, and the cold should. Saying I can"t or don't know how, or she will not try, to do simple homework, and she is very capable of.  7years old, and still having problems with her listening, and behavior.  

So, after the week, we decided to have my husband take the other kids, (12 girl, 10 boy, 3 girl, no problems with any of them), and I will stay home with her. But, I think i need to dye my hair, it's turning gray from last week!! I think she needs a head doctor, but her mom need the head doctor too.!

any advice, would help. !! thank you so much!
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