Nine year old boy making a video of himself naked
by concerned_mom3, Nov 08, 2008
My nine year old son had a friend (boy) over and they were upstairs in the loft, while Dad was downstairs in the living room. My son and his friend were taking photos of themselves and making movies using the computer. They were making silly faces as the camera program on the computer can dissort. they were laughing and having a good time. we later realized that my son sent his friend downstairs and then made a video of himself dancing naked and holding his breasts and showing his bottom and his penis. He then brought his friend up to show him.
Is this normal or should we be concerned?
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by margypops, Nov 08, 2008
Probably is normal silly behavior  but maybe better if you had the Computer somewhere it can be supervised what they are watching and doing,Boys of this age often seem to talk and laugh about "body parts " I have sat driving kids to school and they have laughed their way, on the drive about Bums and penis.s it seems to be a point of silliness and hillarityDont be too concerned but make sure you are aware of what they are up to , supervise..