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Potty training
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Potty training

I am nannying a 2 yr 10m old and his parents are not happy his ready to potty train!! I have said to try him they did start him in pants on their holiday 3 weeks ago- he had a wet accident in a restraunt and one on the beach with there friends and they have up as he Wasnt getting it (pure laziness) so they got back and I started 7:30 in pants and potty near by he said potty Dangerous I finally got him on it after 2 accidents and was proud of myself by end of week he was going potty n asking to go n not doing anything n enjoyed all the attention- he would tell me when he was wet ect! By Friday he some 2 wees on potty n one pooh accident!

His parents have spoilt him and he has run of house but none they don't want him
On carpet with pants on as its a new house n carpet to keep a child in a few rooms is hard and to explain he can't go in his playroom upstairs as he has pants on!! It's hard n not fair!!! When they come home the attitude is "how many accidents today" not postive

Weekend mum as dad had him they said it was not a successful weekend with potty training and he doesn't like potty and they used pull ups when they went out.

Monday morning was back to square one!! I have tried everything I mean everything.

Bribing him
Playing on potty
Picking his own pants and stickers on potty
Tried toilet I mean everything!!

And no wees on potty this week and he laughs or screams when he has an accident today I have finally come to breaking point!!! I don't no what to do with put parents help its hard!! I leave work at 7:30pm I can't go home u till I've put him
In a nappy n he stays up till about 9 with mum n dad n I start again at 7:30 with pants on as soon as his awake!!

Struggling I have headache and I'm bored of sitting on bathroom floor!

Inless parents help I feel like I'm
Gunna get no where.

What do I do anything else I can try!?
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This situation will continue to be a problem if the parents continue the way they are. On your end, you are putting too much pressure on the child as well. You would all do well to relax and be patient. He will accomplish this task when he is ready, not when you are ready.
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His done so well this week & is potty trained.. Had no accidents ;) his just suddenly got it... Once starting with potty training never give in it look back :D
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