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Why would my 2yo daughter do this?
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Why would my 2yo daughter do this?

Me and my wife had been having issues, she left about 3-4 weeks ago took our daughter and is staying at her mother's house. My mother-in-law and I dont get along well at all, she never approved of our marriage and is still after 8 years of marriage very rude and ugly towards me. She always is trying to get my Wife to leave me. She watches our 2yo daughter (she will be 3yo in a month or so) while my Wife works 3-4 days a week as a Respiratory Therapist, I work 5 days at a University.

Since my Wife left we have worked on some things and were just about to reconcile and she move back, well her mother is very angry about this.

Yesterday I am just sitting here at the house watching some TV and playing my guitar, and my wife comes walking in, kicks off her shoes and sits on the couch like nothing ever happened. I said "Hey, wow, ok whats goign on? Is something wrong?" She went on to tell me that there were a few times my daughter would be in the bath tub over the past year or so and she would be in there playing and my wife would notice she would start "playing" with herself, rubbing around on her private areas. She said she asked her why is she doing that, and my daughter would just stop and play with her toys, then she saked her "has someone done that to you?" Then my daughter says "Uh huh, Dad." My wife said she just brushed it off as a 2yo saying things. Well she did it again, my wife asks her again, this time she says "Dad... and Kyle too." Well Kyle is a 14yo boy she met thats a friend of my nephew, and has only seen him once or twice at church or a bbq, but seems to be infatuated in a "little girl" type way. (She does get like that over older teenage kids liek my niece Kendall, she wants to be like her and makes up stories about things they do together and what-not, all untrue just stories she makes up in her mind of things she wants to do, like riding horses, etc.) Again my Wife just blew it off since she knew Kyle and her had never been anywhere together other that those places, and under supervision of herself the whole time,

Well, this is where it get bad, my mother-in law the other day takes my daughter to the restroom and she starts rubbing herself, she calls it her "stuff". So my mother-in-law asks "why are you doing that?" Then (according to her) my daughter says "Dad said its fun to touch other peoples "stuff". Well, she FREAKS out and goes nuts saying I molested my daughter. She calls my sister, who she is friends with and tells my sister, and she says "well I know you two dont get along, but I know he loves his daughter and is not the kind of person to do anything like that." Well then she calls my Wife and tells my Wife and my Wife says she does not believe it, she had said things "like" that but not that before, but she had said things about the other kid, Kyle as well, so she blew it off.

My Mother-In-Law says "well I want to call the church and talk to them and let them know. I believe a little innocent girl over your husband or anyone else." My Wife told her "well, they will call CPS if you do because if they dont then they could get in trouble if something is going on and they did not."

Well, she convinced her to leave it all alone till she talked to me about it. So of course since nothing like that EVER happened or was even said, I flipped out. And I called the church and had my wife tell them, well they said it was just her saying something and she has an imagination and not to worry.

My Wife calls me earlier and says CPS called and they want my Wife and Daughter there for an interview with police present at 8:30am tomorrow.

I guess my questions are...

1. Why would my daughter say this and say my name and someone she just met and doesn't really even know?

2. Is it normal for girls at 2 -3 to touch themselves like this?

3. Does this mean she may have been molested by someone else?

4. Does anyone know how much credibility CPS puts on this coming from a 2yo, if she even says it again?

5. Should I be freaking out about all this like I am, or do kids just say things and associate someone to it? I imagine she hears alot of negative from my mother-in-law, so if she thinks she does not like me, then she is asked why shes doing something and could get in trouble would she have the mental faculties to say my name since she knows my mother-in-law doesnt like me?

Thanks for all info in advance!
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Reading your post I think that it is possible someone has done this to her, I am not saying it is you but I do believe when very young children do this a lot it is learned behavior, you say there has been a 14 year old around has she been near any bathrooms where he may have been what about Baby sitters. It is necessary to protect the child and it is right that the authorities investigate this, you tell your part and how you are astounded they have people know how to get at the truth. So your Wife and her Mom are rightly looking after the interests of the child, and thats what they should be doing, you tell your side, kids of 2 dont usually tell lies but they can get confused, so she will be asked .its all about protecting a small child and although it may be nasty and uncomfortable it is the correct way to go . I hope this gets resolved for the childs sake .
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