having sex on bed
by ellieyoung, Mar 01, 2009
a couple of days ago my 9 yr old girl asked if she could go upstairs i said yes when i camee up she was having sex on the bed i asked her how she knew about this and she would not anser she went next door  and they have a 10 yr old boy when his mum went upstairs they where having sex whatshould i do
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by eel81, Mar 01, 2009
your 9 year old and her 10 year old were having sex???????????????
i would sit them down and talk to them and find out how they know what it is and who showed them how it is done........................
by tina1324, Mar 01, 2009
I think this is a very very sensitive problem that you are dealing with.You and your partner need to sit your daughter down and ask a lot of questions why did she do that?where did she see it done before? Does she realise what she is doing? You need some proffesional help in order to deal with it properly.Talk to someone in confidence about it maybe over the phone it is so serious if it happened with someone else. My heart goes out to you it is your worst nightmare i have an 8 year old boy when do you talk to kids about things like that and hope they wont discuss it with other kids good luck with it all
by real1992, Mar 01, 2009
Could you clarify your question/statement? I'm not sure what you were saying. Did your 9yr old have sex with the 10 yr. old from next door? If this is the case you may want to get some professional assistance. This is a serious manner and must be handled properly.
by RockRose, Mar 01, 2009
This doesn't sound like a genuine post.

With your other posts,  Ellie,  this sounds like a farce.

Stopping short of reporting you for abuse of this board,  but I don't believe it.  

Mothers don't say my kid is having sex on the bed again,  in this post,  and in your "mood",  and you let this child go next door and again have sex.   This is too serious a subject to post in jest.

by Hellothere123321, Jan 09, 2011
I agree