my 4 year old complains is feet are burning???
by marcie998, Feb 18, 2008
I have a 4 year old little boy, that wakes up in the middle of night screaming that his feet are on fire- when this happens he is actually in though his feet are really burning? We actuall have to put ice on them before he is able to go back to sleep? It has gone as far as him crawling around on his knees, screaming. At first I thought maybe he was just having dreams about fire. Until he started complaining about his feet burning while he is awake? Pediatrician says it could be night terrors?
But while he is awake???
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by RockRose, Feb 18, 2008
He has "burning feet".  It's literally a syndrome,  but doctors sometimes give you a blank stare.

It's very common in people who have had an episode of starvation - so it's common among anorexics,  and former Prisoners of War,  but it also seems common among kids who have had a severe illness or anemia.  

My oldest son had it for about 5 years,  always at nighttime.  Although his feet didn't feel hot to the touch,  he wrapped them in ice.  He would imagine how good it would feel to walk in the snow.

Best wishes.  Eventually it usually goes away.