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not gaining enough weight
My 10month old baby is a very fusssy eater...Im just worried as he hasnt gain much weight from 6months..
at 5 1/2 he ws 8kgs n now at 10months he is 9 kgs..he looks very lean...though he his growth n devleopment is fine as per his age..he stands unaided for few secs n walks holding support..
His schedule is as follows.
9am -wakes up -has oatmeal porridge or ragi
10.30-11am -120ml formula milk
around 11-11.30 has an hr nap
1.30-lunch rice lentil n vegetables cooked
2.30-300 nap..has breast milk while sleeping
4.30-5pm- banana or some snack
6.30pm -120 ml formula milk
8.30pm- dinner rice cereal
10pm -nap time or if awake 120 ml milk
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