bleeding from nose and chronic cough
by nazeer73, Feb 06, 2008
My 10 years son has frequent bleeding from nose and chronic coupgh as well.
He usually has nose blockage which becomes sever with use of aircondition and fan.
please advise.

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by Vickie418, Feb 10, 2008
My pedi said that nose bleeds are very common in children with allergies. Chronic cough is an allergy symptom, too. Has he been tested for allergies?
by busydizzymama, Mar 07, 2008
my 8 year old used to have almost DAILY nose bleeds since around age 2 until last summer.  He saw an ENT (ear nose throat) specialist who performed a minor outpatient procedure, forgot what it is called but he "burned" a blood vessel in the nose to "disconnect" it and stop it from bleeding.  Had to do it twice, but it worked like magic! after investing in every humidifier/air conditioner you can think of, we are now free of this condition.  not sure about your child's other conditions though.
by jeowen, Apr 01, 2008
Ds had his nose cauterized about 3 times and the ENT wouldn't do it again. He was having 2 to 4 nose bleeds EVERY day!  Then finally this past year they rx'd a nose spray called DDAVP.  It after 2 days stopped the nose bleeds.  It constricts the vessels.  If he misses one night of the medication his nose bleeds again the next day!  We've also used saline sprays (year round), humidifiers in the winter, keep the finger nails really short, and sometimes we apply some aquaphor around the inside edge of his nostrils to moisturize them.

He also has a bad cough from his allergies and asthma.
by arvi232, Apr 28, 2010
my daughter is 13 months and she has severe dry cough and nose bleed. reaaly worried, any help

by samantha810, Aug 17, 2010
My 10 month old son has been having a nose bleed for the last five days with a severe cough. I've tried humidifiers, a bit of vasciline and its still bleeding????? I don't understand why. Going to the doctors because I'm pretty worried now.
by Prins, Mar 05, 2011
A very mature person, I developed a sudden (no real reason ??) bleeding nose which persevered for 6 months or more. Also noted during the period a cough developed - then realised, only when I neared the kitchen bench. I cleaned everything so much, but still didnt help. Then husband noted ANTS had invaded (they were very clever) and I cleaned their tracks carefully, laid ant powder & other stuff. Both symptoms cleared overnight, never to return.