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toddler acting strange
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toddler acting strange

If your toddler is normally a loving, caring, sweetie...and then suddenly turns into something you want to throw to the lions...could this be an allergic reaction?  And no, I don't mean that I think I have an allergy to him lol!

He's normally well behaved, knows his p's and q's, but lately things have changed.
He's always been "stuffy" and a little wheezy when he's sleeping. His ped gave him a nose spray for that.
The allergy tests he had done last year were only done by blood...and the ped said that they didn't really prove anything one way or the other...nothing was found...

For the past few weeks, on and off, he's had diarrhea ( which is mucus laden), he's cranky and irritable, can't be away from my side for more than 2 seconds...LITERALLY! I can't even pee without him!
Very clingy...too clingy...where are the lions? lol
Took him to a walk in clinic as his ped was booked solid...guy didn't even look at what I was there for ( he was pooping out mucus and blood) but instead looked in his ears, nose, throat and said that he "probably" had an infection and to come back there Saturday night (as he was the one on call that night) and he would give him antibiotics at that point...ugh.
My son is due for surgery on Sept 7th, so we need to "clean up/clear out" whatever is bothering him before then.
Is it possible that those symptoms could be an allergic reaction?

I don't think he's had any new foods as of late...unless peas and carrots fresh from the garden instead of a frozen bag count. lol
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Could your baby be allergic to milk?

I stopped breastfeeding my baby when he was 13 months old in June. Until then he could eat cheese and have a little bit of formula, but no liquid cow milk (he would barf). Since stopping breastfeeding, he developed the most awful diarrhea.

We totally stopped all milk products, cheese included. He is now on a rice formula. His poop is much better.

He was tested for milk allergy on the back: negative. Which means nothing, the allergist said he is allergic to milk, it's a digestive problem in his case.

I don't say that your baby is allergic to milk but that may be a good idea to stop all milk products until her surgery? Milk allergy is quite common in young kids, often it's a digestive problem - diarrhea with mucus and blood can often be a sign of milk allergy. Not sure if it plays a role on the child's behavior.
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Good question.
My eldest son, who is now 23, was highly allergic to milk as an infant...formula all the way for him.
2nd one had no problems...either did the 3rd...but I guess it's possible for #4...never even thought about it. lol

My eldest still has problems with milk...he doesn't quit breathing anymore, but he gets purple bags under his eyes and gets very unfriendly.

Youngest one loves cheese...maybe I'll keep him off of it for awhile and see how things go.
Thanks for that huge reminder.
It's been many years since I last dealt with easy to forget. lol

Many thanks!
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Food reactions can definitely cause behavioural problems in toddlers.

My 2 1/2 yo rarely has a solid poop.  And even when they are kind of solid you can see exactly what she ate, so she's not digesting food.  She is also grizzly and clingey.  Not her usual fun self.
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Hello there.

I hope things went well for your son's surgery. My child also has very severe allergies. I found out it was my pets and my family had to get rid of them. Sad, but my child is more important. I was able to invest in some air purifiers for my house and I also put one in his room. It seems to have helped. If you think that this would help check out this site:

Post surgery, this may be something that can help your son out a lot. It also works for me, as I have asthma but not as severe.
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