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Bulging Disc
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Bulging Disc


This is Nishant Shah from India. Even I have developed a mild bulge in my L4-L5 and L5-S1 and it compresses my Sciatic nerves.

I am grateful, that in my case it got detected very early, as I had been taking pain killers, but the pain my right leg was persistent. So immediately thought of visiting a orthopedic and now its detected that mild bulge is compressing my sciatic nerves

Doctor has recommended me to do some stretching exercises and strengthen my core muscles of back and abdomen. And Even I have started practicing few of the postures of yoga and mediation and walking for half an hour every day. All these things are helping me to alleviate pain

But some days there is no pain in my legs or back, but some days my calf muscles get severe cramps or some days there are nerve convulsions in both my legs.... But the frequency of cramps and nerve convulsions are more in one week , while in second week it reduces

Can anyone guide me , as I in the state of recovering or anyone is going through the same type of problems


Nishant Shah
I recommend Egoscue exercises for hip pain, low back pain, and sciatica-like symptoms.

There are a number of helpful videos on YouTube, as well as a book available on Amazon that can teach you certain stretches and positions to reduce tension and provide pain relief.
I have a similar condition, but mine is from an accident 2 years ago. I have no way of getting mine fixed other than possibly surgery, but there are things that may work for you. Ask about physical therapy, spinal epidural shots, and look into tension for you're back. Also, different bodies like different beds, so if you notice pain when waking up you may want to see about changing how firm your mattress is. You can use different mattress towers so toy don't have to but a whole new mattress to save money.
Thanks for your reply Kitty....

I have started sleeping without the mattress that is helping me .... Even i have started doing few yoga poses which is relieving my pain... but still i cant go away with sudden shooting pain in my legs or cramps...

LEts see Doctor have asked me to perform some tests such as uric acid , vitamin d3 and b 12 deficiency...

According to my orthopedic physician, i am on recovery stage and sudden pain / cramps are not due to Bulging disc, as i am able to do forward and backward bends, without any pain or stretch in my legs

Hope you too recover soon
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