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Frozen shoulder & Chiropractic Care
my ortho doc has suggested i seen a chiroprator to try to help me get back some ROM in
my right shoulder. i have been through weeks of PT &  2 cort. injections, but the arm seem to be
"stuck" as i call it.   i can function, but being i'm right handed, i am limited to a lot of
movement & activities..especially with the upcoming golf season upon us.
if i go to the chiropractor what type of treatments will be done?
i'm not one on getting my bones adjusted/aligned..just call me chicken!!

thnx for any info
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A great solution for "frozen shoulder" is the Arthro-stim adjusting instrument. Plus, it's the perfect alternative for people who aren't interested in the twist & pop style of adjusting.

I'm not sure where you live, but if you're in the US, call 800-569-8624 and ask them for a referral to a doctor who uses the Arthro-Stim in your area.

Adam Tanase, D.C.
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