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Lower back problem linked to broken leg/disclocated ankle injury
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Lower back problem linked to broken leg/disclocated ankle injury

I broke my tibia and disclocated my left ankle in January 06 playing football. I needed an operation on my ankle to put it back in place, and had a screw put in my leg.

I perhaps came back too early playing football, june, july, but everything seemed fine. I didn't have physio except for being told a few ankle exercises to do.

So I thought everything was fine. Then was running on a beach one day in Jan 07 in Argentina, and felt something happen in buttock, lower back region. At least, since then, I have had this problem.

The problem is that when trying to do extreme movements like sprinting and swinging leg for football, i get a kind of neural pain in my left lower back/just above buttock

I have seen 2 physios, had injections in my back where the doctor thought a nerve end could be being affected, and seen a sports physio who got my core stability and leg muscles in good shape.

I thought it was feeling better thanks to the exercises I had been doing for the sports physio.
But, as I tried last week to increase my jogging to running and kicking a football, I get the same pain  in my left lower back/buttock. The pain comes when I try to do serious impact movements.

I have realised how much this is all connected to the broken leg and weak ankle, but I am now lost as to what to do.

I would like to not accept this as how I shall be for the rest of my life, but I am starting to wonder. I was thinking that an Osteopath could be good by getting my hips, lower back, buttock region back into alignment? (And hey I have tried the other obvious solutions!)

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Thanks for writing.

Unfortunately, whenever we fracture a bone or damage a joint to that extent, it will never be restored to 100% function, especially if you stress it again before being fully healed. It might get pretty close, but it won't be the same.

I don't want you to have to accept that this will be how it is for the rest of your life either, but the possibility does exist that you may have to reduce the frequency of your serious impact movements.

Consult with a Doctor of Chiropractor if there's one near you, and see what they have to say after they examine you. An Osteopath might work too.

Warm wishes,
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Thanks for taking the time to give your thoughts.
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