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Ok, here goes. I'm a bit worried and could use some help. Maybe someone has had or treated this experience?

Day 1 (about a month ago).
Exhibited symptoms (probably more like gonorrhea than chlamydia). Thick discharge, upset stomach, frequent urination. This was one day after unprotected sex (lesson learned... very much so).

Day 6:
Finally made it to see doctor. Swab test taken and given a single dose (1 tablet) of antibiotic (I think Cipro). This was about 4 days after encounter. Symptoms disappeared almost immediately.  Results of the swab test would eventually come back negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea).

Day 8: New symptoms. Very warm sensation in testicles. Frequent urination.  Went back to doctor... sent to another doctor (urologist).

Day 9:
New doctor put me on longer dose of Cipro (10 days, 250mg 2x/day).  Symptoms did not subside whatsoever. Had an allergic reaction to the Cipro, but managed to complete 9 days of the medication before stopping. Doctor told me to try another doctor.

Testicles still warm (and, sorry for the graphic, but they are hanging very low... heat?). Not usually any discharge, strictly speaking, but after urination there is an additional amount of urine that continues come out at its own volition. Sometimes there is discharge, but it is thin and looks very much like urine. There is a semi-frequent feeling of needing to urinate that manifests near the end of the urethra (the feeling does). Sometimes I have a burning feeling in the urethra, typically before or after urination.

I have just had another swab test, but since the first one came back negative, I am a bit worried of what will happen... I would rather it were positive.

My questions:
Could I have chlamydia that was not detected in the first test (too early?, although that doesn't explain the negative result for gonorrhea) but was not affected by the Cipro (azithromycin seems to be the preferred one?). Is chlamydia ever cured with Cipro?

Could chlamydia move further back (i.e. prostate) and therefore not be detectable in a swab test? If this is the case, can it still be treated with a single dose of azithromycin... or is stronger/longer dosage necessary?  How then would it be detected?

I am worried... in addition to concerns of transmitting this crap I don't want a latent infection to have more serious consequences (infertility?).

Could it be something completely different? It seems that the gonorrhea (if that's what it was) is gone... ?

I live oversees (but this was contracted in the US) and hopefully the treatment practices here are taking into account that strains in the US may be different?

Thank you for your help, this forum has been incredibly helpful to me so far.

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unlikely that test would have missed it. symptoms came on too early for it to be STD related. no chlamydia could not move back to the prostate.

follow up with your Dr, it is too hard to guess what it might be but i lean heavly away from STD based on timing of symptoms and negative tests.
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