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Help with Chlamydia test result
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Help with Chlamydia test result

I recently tested positive for Chlamydia (urine test).  I am a adult male, and had typical symptoms 11 days following unprotected vaginal intercourse with female A.  She was also menstruating at the time.  I was treated and the symptoms have since gone away.  I contacted female A and urged her to get tested as well.  She claims to have had no other sexual intercourse, at least in the past several years.  Still, she went to be tested.  She had a vaginal swab taken for analysis, as well as a visual check on the internal portion of her vagina.  About 6 days later, the lab results were in, and the doctor informed her that she did not have Chlamydia.  She showed me the lab results given to her from the doctor.  This is the part that confused me.  The lab result doesn't specifically say “negative for Chlamydia,” and I do not understand how to read the results.  Can a doctor please help me understand the lab results?  I am typing the results, exactly as I am reading them from a paper lab result sheet.

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Gram Stain:

WBC -                          Trace
Epithelial Cells -            Trace
Gram-positive cocci -     Trace
Gram-positive rods -       Trace
Gram-negative rods -      Trace
No clue cells seen

Heavy growth of Enterococcus species isolated

Sensitivity Testing
Ampicillin                - S
Penicillin                 - S
Clarithromycin         - R
Erythromycin           - R
Cephalothin             - R
Cefuroxime              - R
Ceftriaxone              - R
Cotrimoxazole          - R
Levofloxacin             - R
Ofloxacin                 - R
Tetracycline             - R

Heavy growth of E. coli isolated

Sensitivity Testing
Ampicillin                             - R
Amoxycillin + Clavulanate      - S
Cephalothin                          - S
Cefuroxime                           - S
Ceftazidime                          - S
Cotrimoxazole                       - S
Gentamicin                           - R
Tobramycin                           - R
Amikacin                              - S
Imipenem                              - S
Ciprofloxacin                         - S
Levofloxacin                          - S
Ofloxacin                              - S
Tetracycline                          - R

The doctor did tell her that she had some Enterococcus bacteria, and he recommended she buy an over the counter anti-bacteria vaginal wash.

Thanks in advance for any helpful insight.
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If you want a Dr's answer you will have to pay to post. As for results I can't interpet them
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