How easily is Chlamydia passed?
by Har25, Jan 09, 2012
a couple days ago I tested positive for chlamydia based on the results of an annual papsmire.  I have been getting tested every year for the past 6 years and have never had a positive for anything.  For the past 7 months I have been sleeping with a guy that I like a lot, unprotected.  We never committed to each other monogomously because he didn't seem to want to.  He does, and has always, had a strong reputation of sleeping around, although he denies it.  I had a friend come in from out of town a little more that 2 months ago and we ended up having sex one time for only about 2 minutes, no condom.  I was due for my period the next day, which I got.  For about 4 or 5 days following my period I experienced a brownish discharge, which I can recall happening serveral other times over the past few years.  I read that it most likely was just extra blood leaving the body after the period.   After that, I didn't sleep with the guy that I like a lot because I was upset with him for not wanting to committ to me.  i stayed away from him for almost 2 months, and wasn't with anyone else.  I heard rumours that there were at least 3 other girls that he had been sleeping with the entire time me and him had been having sex, which infuriated me.  Then I started talking to him again (stupid), and about 2 1/2 weeks ago (a day after I went in for the pap test) we had sex two times, no condom.  

After I found out I tested positive, I immeadiately thought that I got it from him bc he has been my partner for the past several months.  I knew I had to tell him, and I somehow found the courage to do it.  His immeadiate response was "no, thats not possible. I was just tested not that long ago"...said when he went in for neck problems they did a bunch of tests ??? I thought that was weird, like why would they test him for Chlamydia if he went in for neck problems?  Anyway, I told him that didn't really matter since he just had sex with me 2 weeks ago and I have chlamydia so regardless of who gave it to who, he needed to go get treated or tested bc he most likely has it too.  I told him he could either get a dose of the pills or get tested if he wants.  Then I started thinking, and I started wondering if maybe I contracted it from my friend that came into town.  But wasn't sure since it was very brief.  

My question is this:  How easy is it to spread or contract chlamydia?  If I did get it from my friend from out of town, what are the odds that I may not have given it to my partner those 2 times we had sex?? And if I got it from my partner that supposedly sleeps around, what are the odds that I didn't give it to my friend that one time?  I haven't been able to contact my friend, but I am going to tell him as soon as I can.  I'm just so confused and want some answers to ease my mind.  I did tell my partner that I was sure I got it from him, so if he tests negative I'm going to feel dumb, although it'll be good that I didn't give it to him.  Also I heard it's easier for a guy to pass it to a girl than girl passing it to a guy??  Thought that was odd.  Is that true??
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by Vance2335Blank, Jan 09, 2012
Chlamydia is easier to get for a woman then a man. So if you got it from friend decent chance you didn't pass it to regular guy. Better chance that friend didn't get it if you had it from regular guy.

My suggestion for future is to use condoms. If you want to advoid any issues with STD's use condoms until in a committed relationship and both people have tested. When going off condoms make sure to use some sort of birth control.

Last bit...I have seen a higher number of false positives when doing the test inconjustion with paps. So there is a chance you may not even have had chlamydia.
by Har25, Jan 09, 2012
Thank you for your input.  Didn't even consider that it could have been a false positive.