How long does it take for clamydia test results to come back?
by Mschelle86, May 12, 2009
I found out that I had clamydia a week and a half ago. I have only slept with one man and he is my boyfriend. Now when I told him to go get checked, he didnt, saying that nothing was wrong with him. I explained to him that 1 out of 2 men will not show any signs of having clamydia and he still needed to get checked.He finally goes to get checked and when I questioned him about it he said that the doctor said that he didnt have clamydia and that they gave him a prescription and sent him home. I asked him did he get his results the same day and he said yes. Is this possible? How is it possible that I got clamydia and he didnt and he is the only guy I have been with? How long does it normally take to get results back?
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by 2terrified, May 12, 2009
I think it depends on the type of test and how busy the lab is that your provider uses.  How did you find out you had chlamydia?  Did you have symptoms or was it from your routine pap?  

You should make sure you use protection when having sex with him if you do not trust that he did get tested and treated.  Ask him what they gave him for treatment or to see the results.  You do not want to keep getting reinfected.  This is serious if it goes untreated.  

Here is a link to what can happen to women AND men if chlamydia goes untreated:

have him read that or read it to him.  Maybe he will be scared into making sure he gets tested properly.  I'm sure it is possible to get same day results but how accurate the test is that allows for that, I don't know.  To me it sounds like he just told you that to get you to drop it.  I hope he told the truth but your instincts tell you something different...
by gingersnap812, May 13, 2009
I have conducted a lot of research on this topic. If he is the only person you have had sexual intercourse with, he is the one who passed it on to you. This said, he will keep re-infecting you over & over if you allow it. Follow the instructions from 2terrified.
by faye83, May 13, 2009
Maybe, MAYBE it was a false positive? Did you go get yourself re-checked?
by lillylong, Mar 24, 2011
i got climdia and i got ttested and my ex boyfriend has and new partener they fount out about it and said they got cheaked and it took ten min for the results but is this true beacuse i had to wait 2 weeks and then i had to go clink and get tablets who lieing ??
by Vance2335Blank, Mar 25, 2011
Please start a thread dedicated to your question and it will be answered.

by candydime, Jul 30, 2013
Sorry,  but your bf is mistaken. If anything, they gave him the test and told him results will be back in a few days to a week. Just in case, they gave him meds for it to stop him from carrying if he is. Lady,  all I can say us you need to have the talk with your bf. The "are we exclusive talk". Chances are, if he wasn't honest about a test, he will tell you that there's no one else. My advice to you,  is to force him to wear protection and don't do ANY oral or anal. Think about your health. Be safe lady.
by wicked_tt1, Oct 30, 2013
I just got tested for was positive
I told my boyfriend he's the only one I have unprotected sex with.....i have another sex partrner also but we alway use condoms
I told my BF HE Gunna tell me I didnt get it from him
He said he got tested he don't have clamydia  and the guy didn't give  him his paper with the results
Do you think he had it and just don't want to tell me ?
by Vance2335Blank, Oct 31, 2013
Start your own thread and your question will be answered.
by bentleynetworx, Feb 15, 2014
I had to wait two weeks also to get results for that test. The only test that come out in a couple days is HIV and some std's. The lab told me chlyamidia takes 2WEEKS...