I have Chlamydia but my girlfriend doesn't
by Bhoy86, Nov 28, 2012
I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 8 months, the last time either of us had tests done was a few years ago and were both clear.

We have regular sex, unprotected although I do not ejaculate in her.

A month ago my girlfriend went for the tests and the following week the tests came back negative (apart from some signs of thrush) - I know this is the case as the nurse (she shouldn't have but did) later confirmed this with me after checking the system.

About a week after she got her results I went for tests (I wasn't going to even bother after her results came back but I thought I had signs of thrush also). Anyway, a week later I get a call saying I tested positive for Chlamydia. Thinking something was wrong with one of the tests we both went for treatment but got retested before hand.

I've since had a text from the nurse saying it came back positive again so it wasn't (unless there's something strange going on with the bacteria in my body?) a false positive. She's still to hear and is going to phone them to check soon.

But if hers comes back negative again how can that be? I have 100% not cheated - the last girl I was with was more than 6 months before starting to see my girlfriend.

She had a throat infection in September and was on anti-biotics for that, is it possible that would have cleared it and it's still not showing on tests?

Otherwise is it possible that she just isn't getting it or that I'm not passing it on?

She's not said anything and I know she trusts me but if it comes back negative I'm really worried it will put a strain on our relationship, I know if it was the other way around I would wondering how she got it and why I didn't have it. The only way it would make sense is if she (or in this instance I) had cheated between tests but that is not the case so what is going on?!

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by Vance2335Blank, Nov 28, 2012
Not guaranteed to transmit a STD from sex but more then likely. Can't really say what is going on.
by Bhoy86, Nov 28, 2012
I know but we rarely use protection and have had sex probably over 100 times in the past 8 months... surely it would have passed on (if it was me who brought it into the relationship)?

Is there anything that could cause tests to show up as positive when it's something else? Underlying diseases, diet etc?

I just don't get how this could be so I can only think what she's thinking.
by Bhoy86, Nov 28, 2012
They just got back to her... negative again. Doesn't make sense! :(
by Vance2335Blank, Nov 29, 2012
Was your test a swab or urine test?
by Bhoy86, Dec 06, 2012
Urine test. Hers were swabs. Just had sex again for the first time after treatment and I had pink (bloody) semen in the condom if that's related...
by Vance2335Blank, Dec 06, 2012
Follow up with your Dr.
by mattsai, Dec 09, 2012

Chlamydia is only transmitted from sexual activities, apart from eye-to-eye contact (trachoma). So basically, oral and intercourse. Chlamydia cannot live outside.

Although you did not ejaculate in her, pre-ejaculation can set it off.

False negatives/positives on results for Chlamydia is very rare. However, no test is fail-safe. Go for the tests at a different clinic and see what results you both get.

If you get the same results, then something is not right.