Syphilis - VDRL & TPHA Positive
by Ommich, Jun 15, 2013
Hi all !
Following is all my circumstances and questions.

I am a resident of Pakistan and currently is working here
I wanted to move Gulf for Job.
Recently, I got a job in Saudia Arabia.
In my medical test here in Pakistan as a part of visa processing.
I am diagnosed for Syphilis, both tests VDRL & TPHA are reactive (report is not showing any additional information like any value or duration of this infection etc)
So I am declared UNFIT to work in Saudi Arabia.
As I always had unsafe relations but I never had any of the Symptom, so just to double check the results, I had my VDRL test again and it was Positive (again it didn't show any additional information so that I know how older it is etc)
I have consulted my doctor and treatment will start today.
I hope things will be fine soon.

My Questions:

1- VDRL report only show its positive. I want to know which stage of Syphilis it is. So guide me for any specific test that shows how older this infection is and whats its intensity.

2- If I have Syphilis of Primary or Secondary stage, after starting treatment how long it take to get all tests negative?

3- If I have Syphilis of 3rd or 4th stage, after starting treatment how long it will take that all my tests will start showing that I am Syphilis free?

4. What is the percentage in which there is a chance that even after treatment, Syphilis will keep on showing positive in my tests of VDRL through out my life ?

5- What the specialist doctor called who treat specifically for Syphilis?

additional question :
If you know any Gulf country that allow people with Syphilis to work, please name it.

Thanks and warm regards in anticipation for all the participants in the discussion
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by Vance2335Blank, Jun 17, 2013
1. No test will tell you what stage it is in or even how long you have had it. Sometime a Tier# associated with a test can give a Dr an indication of how long you have had it, but not always.

2. You would see the tier# drop but you might never test negative or it might be years.

3. Same answer as #2

4. Good chance

5. Don't know in your country

6. Impossible to answer
by Ommich, Jun 17, 2013
I read many of your comments else where too, and I know you are very good at knowledge.
Stay blessed and thanks for your response
by moon289, Oct 29, 2013
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by Vance2335Blank, Oct 29, 2013
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