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Testing positive, incubation period, sudden deafness
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Testing positive, incubation period, sudden deafness


About a month ago i started "spotting" after sex. I went to the doctore and tested positive for Chlamydia. Around the same time my test result came back my partner developed a case of Sudden Deafness.
I have been dating him for the past 4 months and i do not sleep or before.
I was tested 6 months ago and came back clean.
He claims he was tested 2 years ago with a previous girlfriend and that he has not been with anyone in a 1 1/2 years (which i find very hard to believe) .

I is of course blaming me as he is a doctor and simply went and got the treatment without going through the process of testing. So now i am the bad one with a positive test.

The other issue is that he is blaming me now for his case of Sudden Deafness. He claims that the Chlamydia could have caused it.

Is this true?
if i was showing sins of chlamydia what is the incubation periode?
if i have been with only him the past 4 months did he give it to me ?
how do i know for sure when i contracted it?

Help !!! i am completely distraught over this!! i get tested very regularly as i have a history of cevical cancer in my family and am sure to get full physicals 2 per year.

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1. 1-2 weeks for symptoms to start, if you get symptoms at all.
2. It could have been a false positive, with bf not testing you will never know if it was a false positive or not.
3. You don't and never will

Never heard of chlymida as a cause and researching online can't find that link either.

At this point you will never know if bf came into the relstionship with it or if you possibly came into the relationship with it or if bf cheated and got it from someone else.

It is always good practice for both people to test before sex happens, this way both know that they do not have a STD or if one does it gets treated. Then if a positive test comes up in the relationship a 2nd test can be done to rule out a false positive and both people get tested.
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