Do I need to worry? Total Cholesterol 205 and triglycerides = 156,
by Roberto123, Dec 28, 2011
I got my blood results today, I'm 42 male and I decided to start measuring my levels periodically, Cholesterol 205 and triglycerides = 156, Do I need to worry? any recomendation to reduce them? my glucose level was 76.

Any answer will be really appreciated.

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by remar, Dec 29, 2011
Your numbers are a little above what they should be. Have you talked to your Dr about diet and exercise? If I were you, I would start there first before beginning any medications. Ask your Dr about getting another lipid panel again within the next couple of months to see if your numbers have come down with diet and exercise.
by erijonBlank, Dec 29, 2011
What were your HDL and LDL levels?
by Roberto123, Dec 30, 2011
Today I'm going to pick up my HDL and LDL results, once I got it, I will share with the audience. I just start my diet and excersice.

Thanks for asking and responding.
by Roberto123, Dec 31, 2011
Here are the HDL and LDL

HDL = 42 mg/dl
LDL = 126 mg/dl

What are your comments/recomendations about these results?

Thanks in advance.
by Roberto123, Jan 20, 2012
There is some days that i feel tired and, it ussually happens after 8 hours of my office work, suddenly after 1 hour of taking rest I feel ok again, i have a circulatory problem in my legs diagnosted 5 years ago, behind my knees both valves are not working properly making me to feel my legs very tired, with theses cholesterol levels am I at risk of having a hart attack or something ? Can these symptoms be related to these levels?

by erijonBlank, Jan 20, 2012
What you describe is vascular insufficiency in your legs which will cause the discomfort you mention. Your cholesterol levels and young age do not place you at a high risk, but lower is always better.

by Red_Star, Jan 21, 2012
"The cholesterol hypothesis: time for the obituary?

Scherstén T, Rosch PJ, Arfors KE, Sundberg R.

Dr. Schersten is a professor of Vascular Surgery, University of Göteborg and was previously Principal Secretary of the Swedish Medical Research Council.

Professor Schersten finds that the cholesterol hypothesis that links cholesterol intake and blood cholesterol levels to cardiovascular disease has little or no scientific backing that is relevant for the human species.

He concludes that the hypothesis is false and should be buried."

Agreed. :)

by erijonBlank, Jan 21, 2012
Sorry, but I disagree as there has been sufficient evidence to link the two. I do believe that the exact level that we cross the line is blurred however.

Here's all the data the OP needs;

Dr. Scherstén is a very knowledgeable doctor, but what you get is his singular opinion and not what is accepted today as conventional medical thought on the matter. Some day he may indeed be proved right, but now there is just too much evidence against his position to draw that conclusion. His paper is an interesting read however.

Like always, two sides to every controversy it seems, I do appreciate your input!