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High LDL Low TRI
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High LDL Low TRI

My results :
Total cholesterol 300
LDL 233
Triglycerides 59

Now I know these are awful but,

1)  I fasted only 7 hours
2)  I read that the LDL could be made up of mostly small (bad) particles or mostly large, puffy particles (good). If you Tri/HDL ratio is low (< 4) then it indicates you have the large size particles, which means low chance of a problem. My ratio is very low.

Has anyone heard about the type A or type B particles? Is the Tri/HDL ratio a better indicator than the CHOL/HDL ratio?
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Welcome and thanks for your question. There are two types of particles you want to stay away from, small dense LDL particles because the are better able to pass into your artery walls and cause blockages. Also, large HDL particles are not very effective doing their job of binding with LDL and removing it to you liver to be eliminated or recycled. Most large HDL particles are now thought to be the result of meds designed to create higher HDL, but what they are creating is these large and ineffective HDL particles.

There is a lipid profile you can have done to determine the make up of your LDL and HDL particles, you just need to tell your doctor that you want that test. It is useful for people with very high TC to see what their risk really is. Also, you really need a full 12 hour fast to get a proper number, yours is most likely overstated. I would wait a couple months, do a proper 12 hour fast and retest to be sure.

I hope this helps,

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fast for twelve hours. Prior to have your blood test again! please do the following:
1- exercises- yoga, taichi walking all of these will help a lots
2- not taking any frying , cheezy stuffs
3- eliminate sugar candies intake,
4- no butter, eggs, red meat
5- lots of fish and veggies
6 drink good green tea, not the cheap one 99cents!
7- relax by taking some yoga class.
8- watch some video for tai chi yoga, apply to yourself
then do the blood test.
make sure fasting for 12 hours, not even a sip of water
good luck
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