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Cholesterol, a waxy, fat-like substance, is important for you body, but too much in your blood can form plaques that sticks to artery walls and narrow or block your arteries increasing your risk of heart disease. Discuss topics including cholesterol’s link to heart disease, how to maintain a low cholesterol diet, and treatment methods for lowering your cholesterol.

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My Numbers

Well, I get to talk to you all about your numbers, the least I can do is give you my latest numbers. I got my report today from my annual check up and have compared them to 2005 and they are as follows;

TC 158.................. 2005)  242
HDL 40................. .2005) 40
LDL 78 .................. 2005) 142
TGL 195 ................ 2005) 300
GLUCOSE 87 ....... 2005) 106

So what did I do? I started out by losing over 80 pounds, it has made a huge difference. Also, I exercise at a vigorous level for 45 -60 mins a day, my exercise of choice is cycling. I have controlled by diet and included at least 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA from Omega III's from Krill Oil and Fish Oil from deep water Salmon and I am on a low dose statin and fenofibrate. One nice side effect of this lifestyle was a significant drop in my BP which is now averaging 108/67 with a resting heart rate in the upper 50s and a heart recovery rate of over 40 beats in the first minute after peak exercise.

Trust me, I thought it was impossible to manage these numbers on my own, but it is very much the case. I have been at these numbers or very close to them since 2007 and if I can do it there's hope for everyone fighting high cholesterol. Work closely with your doctor, you can do it. Make sure you run any lifestyle changes including supplements, diet changes and exercise past your doctor for their approval. Then just go do it, it can be done!

Good lcuk everyone!

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GOOD JOB, gives me a kick start to working out, this is prove it works.
Good job, Jon!!

On my initial tests (2009) I had a total of about 240 (in your units, we say 6,0 mmol/l), HDL of 40 and LDL of 155. I lost 40 pounds, stopped eating sugar and other empty carbs, burgers, etc. and started exercising. The effect is that HDL is up (to almost 50), triglycerides are almost zero, total is down to 190, but my LDL stays on the high side of 130.

It seems like most of the reduction is the space between LDL+HDL and total.

I think I would benefit from a statin in low dose (5-10 mg Simvastatin or so), and I've been trying to sell this idea to my doctor, possibly along with an antiadrenergic to stop the events of white coat hypertension. So long it's failing. My doctor keeps telling me that my cholesterol is fine and my BP is great. But my cardiologist said; "you would have been treated in the United States".. What a great healthcare system we have in Norway..........

Anyway, good job, and keep us updated :) Just one question; how high intensity do you keep on your bike? I usually do intervals, where I find a 240 steps long flight of stairs that I climb 4 times, increasing the HR to approx 180, then walk down, repeat 4 times. Or I sit 25-30 min on my stationary bike, with variable intensity.
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