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Blank Blank with my result.

Hi all!

I am totally new to this forum. I just had my Lipid Profile Test  Result but I didn't understand these numbers. What does these numbers means?
             _ Cholesterol - result ( 7.54 )

             _ Triglycerides - result ( 1.78 )

             _ HDL result ( 1.74 )

             _ LDL result ( 5.09 )

I have just learned from the reference value of the test that both my cholesterol and LDL are high? But, I want someone who can help me interpret my result from this forum.

A million thank you in advance.

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Welcome and thanks for your question. I had to convert your numbers to US standards so I could answer. Your total cholesterol is 291 and the recommendation is to be below 200. Also, your LDL or bad cholesterol is 197 which is considerably higher than the recommended level of 130 for an individual with no other risk factors or heart disease. Your HDL or good cholesterol and triglycerides are very good.

What this means is that you have too much bad cholesterol in your system, or LDL. Your number is quite high and really needs to come down. As it is so high, you may not be able to lower it enough with lifestyle changes including diet and exercise, you may need medical intervention. You really need to discuss your options with your doctor.  In time, excess LDL can form plaques or blockages that will restrict your blood flow so it is important to start lowering your numbers now.

The link below should help explain more;

I hope this helps and please feel free to let me know if I can explain anything in more detail.

Good luck!

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Thanks to Jon to convert the result so you can understand. however did your doctor explain to you when you showed him the results? if he does not which mean he is not good to ask for any opinions at all! he might suggest you to take those that give lots of sides effect - stay away from cresto, statin, or anything that give you a warning etc......

try to do lots of exercise, walking, yoga , taichi and chnaging your lifestyle of habits, good diet food, lots of fibers, greens.
No sugar,  not red meat, any frying stuffs stay away from all of them.
loose some weight if you are?
try natural products, other alternatives remedies!
Good luck! and take care listen to your body!
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.I need to caution you, unless you have the letters M.D. behind your name, you are not qualified to tell anyone to stop taking a medication prescribed by a trained medical professional. Your opinion is appreciated and welcome, but please do not give medical advice. For some, natural solutions and supplements are not enough, they require medical intervention. The overall incidence rate of side effects from statins is between 2% and 4% depending on what you read. The risk of serious side effects is only .042%, certainly a safe drug by any measurement.

Again. please state your opinion but do not encourage others to go against their doctor's advice.

Jon .
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