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Bradycardia, could it be part of CFS
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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder that causes extreme fatigue over extended periods of time which persists after rest and limits one’s ability to conduct ordinary daily activities. Discuss topics including causes, exams and tests for CFS, treatments and how to live with CFS.

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Bradycardia, could it be part of CFS

Hi all,

Still  looking for anwsers for my 15 year old son. It all started about a year ago with bouts of fatigue poor concentration, headaches etc. He had 2 syncopes 1 in march and another in April. Bradycardia was found and because there is a history of sudden death in my family(4) he had a permanent heart monitor implanted in July.... The monitor has shown his pulse regularly falls to around 40 (he is not at all athletic).

Because the ECG is normal, but slow, the cardiologist thinks there could be another cause for it. IF..... the rhythm changes, or he has another syncope he will think about implanting a pacemaker... he has had an endocrinology work up, and that was normal.

Because of his numerous symptoms,  my research regularly brings me back to CFS. He had Mono with hepatic involvement about 3 years ago, shingles 2 years ago, and every bug that goes around he gets it. Has anybody else experienced this kind of heart problem with CFS?????


Dear macca,

First of, I hope your son gets well soon.

I have a friend who has had a heart rythme disorder becaese of cfs. Also if he has cfs it would be naturall that he gets infections (or illnesses) alot, since his body wont be able to get rid of them (quickly enough) to be prepared for an other attack.
Back to the heart issue: cds widens the veibs in the body which can cause 1. Passing out if he stands still long enough, since his body wont be able to get tge blood pumped high enough (happens to me) or 2. In an attmpt to get blood every it is suppose to go, the heart works harder and wears itself out, the latter causes the heartrate to go from 70-195 in the cas of my friend.
I dont know if this helps you out. There is some lit about the real workings of cfs (and not this nonsense 'we don't know' and 'it's all in your head, get over it'), i know in Europe Dr. W. Kersten whrites alot about it. Look for mitochondrial dysorder, oxidative phosphorylation (oxidative stress).
In the usa prof. Martin P Pall wrote alot about it.
Wish you best of luck.
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